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In theory, the code should work in the way this next block does $val = " & euro; 300"; $storedval=" & euro; 300"; if ($val == $storedval){ echo "Yay"; } // Outputs Yay! Now where the issue arises is that the value has been submitted via POST (may also affect GET requests as well, I've not got as far as checking).
(read more) snapWONDERS RELEASED with an Improved File Uploader Jun 19, 2022, 8:39:48 PM : Press Release At snapWONDERS we are pleased to announce that the snapWONDERS website has been updated with an improved File Uploader. One of our goals is to make... (read more) YAY! Over ONE MILLION Jobs Processed! Mar 6, 2022, 8:17:37 PM : Press Release YAY WE DID IT! snapWONDERS has processed over ONE MILLION jobs for deep analysis, conversions, or regeneration.
Plan Puebla-Panama. Yay or Nay? 2009 A NASA spokesman said the agency wants a "long-term exploration initiative that is affordable, sustainable, and achievable," while avoiding past mistakes "so that America's leadership in space is never jeopardized."
It brings a lot of important new features! What changed if statements have finally been implemented! Yay! Much improved error-handling Improved internal representation of lists Added API for global functions Expressions have been implemented!
Həftənin seçilmiş məqaləsi Toğrul Əsgərov — Azərbaycanı təmsil edən sərbəst güləşçi. 2008-ci ildən Azərbaycan yığmasının heyətində çıxış edən Toğrul Əsgərov 2012-ci ildə Birləşmiş Krallığın London şəhərində baş tutan XXX Yay Olimpiya Oyunlarında qızıl medala, 2016-cı ildə Braziliyanın Rio-de-Janeyro şəhərində baş tutan XXXI Yay Olimpiya Oyunlarında isə gümüş medala sahib olub. 2015-ci ildə I Avropa Oyunlarının da qızıl medalını qazanan Toğrul Əsgərov Avropa...
And had no idea what my account number is or even who to call.. so had to wait for my next statement.  yay, its here.. Call: " due to our recent merger with so-and-so average wait time is 3 hours " wtf wtf... I ' ve noticed more call centers now implementing the " our wait time is measured in hours, do you want us to hold your place in line and call you back when someone is available?
Doctor Ali Mattu 529K views 0:29 How to Find the Motivation for Homework Gohar Khan 6.1M views 12:33 5 indicators studying economics is for you | studying economics at university, yay or nay? Milena Mitiko 144K views 12:37 24 hours in the life of a uni/college student studying psychology! Rachel Catherine 143K views 13:43 The Truth about being a Clinical Psychologist Francis Madden 43K views 1:13:26 Dr.
Comment Finally (Score 0) 81 by invictusvoyd on Friday January 20, 2023 @11:20AM ( #63225094 ) Attached to: Pioneering Apple Lisa Goes 'Open Source' Thanks To Computer History Museum I get to sleep with Richards Grandma !! yay Comment Re:(aside from Earth) (Score 1) 28 by invictusvoyd on Thursday December 29, 2022 @09:17AM ( #63165568 ) Attached to: Every Planet In the Solar System Will Be Visible Tonight I had similar experience when I mixed port wine with dark rum .
Dale DeBakcsy tunes in to the animated assault on reason – By Dale DeBakcsy – Friday , 22nd March 2013 My Little Pony says On February 11, 2011, children the world over gathered about their television sets to watch a new episode of the smash hit cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic . On this particular program, one of the ponies manifests the ability to predict the future and Twilight Sparkle, the show's resident rational positivist, sets out to debunk the phenomenon.
13:28 < smeghead > the 0.2.0 client will handle multiple torrents all in one instance, you won ' t have to open multiple sessions anymore 13:29 < jrandom > (yay!) 13:29 < polecat > Reeeally? 13:29 < smeghead > and hopefully we can get it all working over a single sam session to further reduce network clutterage 13:29 < bla_ > smeghead: Nice!
The .run file from NVIDIA stops at the Kernel build so I tried to install the nvidia-lts package instead. No avail. Removed, and then went with yay -S --noconfirm nvidia-390xx nvidia-390xx-settings Still stuck on that bootscreen. After each install i went with sudo mkinitcpio -P sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg What is happening here?
Changelog is behind the link . Thu, 19 Nov 2020 00:12:00 UTC Update: Yay, fuck JS! I rewrote the guestbook without JS. Hooray! Tue, 17 Nov 2020 21:57:00 UTC Update: Dark theme is default from now. Ok, in order to make flickering less painful I made dark theme default.
Uptrenda 8d It ' s like a human-readable PoW, lol. fleekonpoint 8d Reminds me of this xkcd: https: / / xkcd.com / 917 / anon____ 8d Or this: https: / / xkcd.com / 688 / . kjrose 8d Yay pigeon-hole principle combined with birthday attack. anderskaseorg 8d No. The pigeonhole principle and the birthday attack both apply to situations where you’re looking for two inputs with the same hash as each other , not where you’re looking for one input that describes its own hash. atemerev 8d Explain...
not-for-mail From: Retro [email protected] (Retro Guy) Newsgroups: rocksolid.nodes Subject: Re: rslight as nntp server Date: Mon, 2 Mar 2020 10:46:58 -0000 (UTC) Organization: Rocksolid Light Message-ID: < [email protected] > References: < [email protected] > < [email protected] > < [email protected] > < [email protected] > <...
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Rorviver 87 points 4 days ago Rorviver 87 points 4 days ago And they maybe got charged for impersonating an office and not attempted kidnapping. Yay, justice. TrumpsMerkin201o 40 points 4 days ago TrumpsMerkin201o 40 points 4 days ago Gotta love it. We had 3 dudes who spent all summer breaking into storage sheds, garages, cars, etc.