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If you identify as a girl I ' ll make an edit to my post above checking myself. 4 COMMENT 6d ago OP is a trap, observe their profile. Sub rules specify 18+ y.o. girls. I was out of line here. OP is an adult and can do w/e they want as long as it is reasonable and stuff. 1 COMMENT 6d ago Your posts are great, but the titles have become cringey. -1 COMMENT 6d ago OP listed five planets but there are only four dots in a line in the sky.
Three drug dealers were sentenced to prison in Russia for operating a store on the Hydra darkweb marketplace . In April 2020, four Samarans, Y.O. Tverdovsky, Maxim Vlasov, Vitaly Vostrikov, and Vadim Pivovarov, conspired to produce and distribute drugs to Hydra users. One unidentified co-conspirator assisted the defendants by managing drug caches in St.
People are screaming under the rubble of a residential building. 3.6k Upvotes 115 comments r/ukraine • u/surajvj • 27d ago WAR CRIME Elia 6 y.o. from Avdiivka, lived 5 km from the front line for past 11 months and spent most of the time hiding in the family basement out of fear of loud Russian artillery fire.
11 months ago | 3 0 Salpinus But good luck on getti g insurance for a 16 y.o dog... Vet bills quite simply reflect the actual cost of health care for pets. It ' s not 11 months ago | 1 0 Salpinus covered by our taxes (Norwegian here BTW). 11 months ago | 1 0 ImgurNeedsMoreSmartass It ' s good that the guy didn ' t die alone after all 11 months ago | 852 1 HUGHgErectionn Lol 11 months ago | 1 0 insanitypurge Comments like this are why I still browse imgur.
1 u/hyatt071103 Nov 22 ' 22 You can own a gun tho 1 u/momof3plushalf Nov 22 ' 22 So according to these folks, 18 y.o. are not mentally mature enough to vote, but a 10 y.o. is mentally mature enough to create, and care for a whole other human being?
I know I was lucky to have shared so much with her 2 u/pandawhiskers 3d ago Same. 18 y.o. love of my life. Passed last year. I miss her so much 51 u/Zeltene 3d ago May I say your void is very cute, and add mine? Never too many voidlings. https://preview.redd.it/hgqwbxr55fla1.png?
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That ' s it. 262 u/funkmaster29 3d ago it ' s hard because young men are conditioned to not express their emotions or inner thoughts i hope all young men one day feel safe being vulnerable to at least their parents i think the fact that you are worried about it is a really good thing that not everyone considers so kudos for that → More replies 17 u/hcashew 3d ago I am right there with you, GAF78. My 14 y.o. was so happy and bubbly until 13 and now its emo all the way down. WE all think, "...