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linux forgejo TriangleTeam If you want the room you create to be federated, ONLY create it @conference.xmpp.tt.i2p, NOT @conference.tt.i2p Below is a list of up-to-date XMPP servers. All listed servers are federated among themselves. Domain Port Admin Crt xmpp.ilita.i2p 5222 apophis click xmpp.trus.i2p 5222 trus click xmpp.narratorz.i2p 5222 admin click xmpp.tt.i2p 5222 q click Web clients Web client Server Admin https://xmpp.ilita.i2p xmpp.ilita.i2p...
ukr | eng Setup and user maintenance of servers based on Linux and FreeBSD Design of scalable and fault-tolerant network systems Channel equalization by DNS/BGP/OSPF Remote network administration IT-consulting * * * To contact us: Skype: support.od.ua telegram: @guru_support ICQ: email:  admin[at]support.od.ua xmpp: support.od.ua[at]0nl1ne.at tel.: +380 [99] 4060508
Users on other XMPP servers can request access to your (optionally filled-in) VCard data. You can remove your VCard data through an XMPP client.
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Back on XMPP! I have not been on XMPP due to unreliable Internet I feared would lead to correlations of my online status on XMPP with that connection.
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XMPP 1st August 2022 Table of Contents Introduction Usage Clients Registration Encryption Chat rooms (group chats) Calls Tor and I2P Introduction XMPP is a protocol for instant messaging.
{key,crt} chmod 640 /opt/ejabberd/conf/*.b32.i2p.{key,crt} ``` * Restart ejabbered service and create an admin XMPP account: ``` /opt/ejabberd-XX.YY/bin/ejabberdctl register admin example.i2p password ``` ### Installing and configuring ejabberd XMPP server on I2P - FULL FEDERATON * Clone and build xmpprelay-I2P project (specifics, logging and services will be added shortly) * Run the relay as shown: ``` xmpprelay -l -r ``` or ``` nohup...
ShadowForums based (Default) mobile Wasp Login Register attire meta politics shadowiki spyware tech Categories Threads XMPP General tech shadow Posts: 125 #3 Last edited: 28.01.2021 by shadow , read: 11510 times XMPP is a federated chat protocol. This thread is for cataloguing knowledge and experience with it.
GitHub IPv6 proxy Home Blog and news E-Mail + XMPP Tutorials GitHub IPv6 proxy FAQ About Contact Privacy Imprint 🇬🇧 🇨🇿 🇩🇪 🇧🇷 🇷🇺 🇹🇷 🇨🇳 + Recently I had to clone a git repository on GitHub via an IPv6 only server that I rented at my favourite hosting provider Hetzner .
LandChad.net This is LandChad.net, a site dedicated to turning internet peasants into Internet Landlords by showing them how to setup websites, email servers, chat servers and everything in between. Starting a website is something that can be done in a lazy afternoon and costs pocket change.
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Letsencrypt server gives SSL certificate. Reload web server. In case of multiple servers, the extra steps needs to be taken: Token file must be distributed to all servers. SSL certificates must be distributed to all servers.
Mumble How to use Mumble TronDev Mumble Psi Mumble Social Media Visability -- Twitter-like social network. XMPP Be sure to use OTR, no matter which provider you are using. Onion There are a lack of i2p xmpp servers, so I will post ones that offer a .onion.
Follow us on Twitter @intodns IntoDNS checks the health and configuration and provides DNS report and mail servers report. And provides suggestions to fix and improve them, with references to protocols’ official documentation. © Hosterion - web hosting | VPS hosting by IntoVPS Made with Python & Django
All these projects have taught me a lot about coding, security and server management. As of now, only the anonymous email and XMPP hosting, as well as the onion link list are still actively maintained. About the setup Hosting providers I use(ed) and servers hosted there: Vultr - good for short-term and/or low-bandwidth projects.
低浮上から、返信は1週ぐらいかかるかもしれません。 誤字、バグなどの報告も歓迎です。 よければ、 PGP を使っていただけませんか。 Email In case some servers block waifu.club(cock.li), please find me on Mastodon/Pleroma, or XMPP (please use OMEMO for private messages). urbandon[at]kalli[d0t]st (メイン) PGP udonya[at]waifu[d0t]club (サブ) PGP (waifu.clubメールはよくブロックされそう?)
Get in Touch Communications when working with clients is usually done via xmpp and clients will have a dedicated address to communicate with me when the project is started. Please message me using the addresses below for more details and to discuss your project.
Server Order Form Select a package Dedicated Servers Virtual Servers Hive Node-in-a-box ™ Blurt Node-in-a-box ™ Privex WebBox ™ Finland Germany US East (Legacy) Finland Dedicated (AMD Ryzen / EPYC) RYZ5-64-NVME-FIN1 Finland $70 .00 Per Month $60.00 Setup Fee 64G DDR4 RAM 2x 512GB NVMe SSD AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Hexa-Core 1gbps FUM Has IPv4: YES Has IPv6: YES Order RYZ7-ZEN4-NVME-FIN Finland $105 .00 Per Month $80.00 Setup Fee 64GB DDR5 2x1TB NVMe (Gen4) AMD Ryzen 7 7700 1gbps...
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