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Boston Consulting Group (@BCG) | nitter.skank.i2pOfficial global account of Boston Consulting Group. Highlights of our work, initiatives, people, partnerships, and more. Also @BCGhenderson
TOR prevents the timezone leak , but still leaks everything else. All Android XMPP clients auto-invite you to group chats, leading to easy trolling. There is no way to mitigate any phone client in full
Visit the Free Book Library and check out Penguin Group (USA). All e-books are loaned without any DRM and can be borrowed for as long as you require. Penguin Group (USA) Books | Free Book Library
XMPP [howto.ygg] [[ XMPP ]] Показать исходный текст История страницы Недавние изменения Найти Перевод этой страницы: ru de en fr Yggdrasil DNS Wyrd DNS Настройка Unbound с Alfis и Wyrd DNS
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XMPP servers comparision Tor mirror || I2P mirror || Yggdrasil mirror || Freenet mirror (terribly outdated) Related sites: | site map kill -9 Insane programmers › COC › emacs/ › glossary › guides
Easy Introduction to XMPP ~/blackgnu ~/about ~/mirrors ~/rss < -newer older- > Easy Introduction to XMPP A friendly introduction to XMPP. Published by Werwolf on 2022-05-18 License: CC0 Easy
XMPP over I2P Использование XMPP в связке с I2P EN Извините, эта страница еще не готова ... Возврашайтесь пойсже!
Chatten mit Jabber/XMPP ▾ Hauptmenü ▾ Chatten … Übersicht Messenger Threema Signal App Telegram Wire [matrix] Jabber/XMPP Sonstige... Telefonie Tox mit qTox Skype??? Videokonferenzen Jabber/XMPP hat
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This post was originally posted on Freedom4All, you can view the original here.The Catholic Group ‘Catholics Taking Action’ have successfully used Facebook to oppose the ‘Black Metal’ festival
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