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They will jump into crypto (only a few will find XMR), land, real estate, gold and silver--this has certainly began (look at the precious metal supplies and premiums). Anyway, I figured that if I can ' t buy anything with XMR or sell anything for it with anyone (it ' s possible) but if I don ' t know any other libertarian/ancaps who love the free market and want something from me or want to sell something to me then what the hell am I doing.
Moreover it defies credulity to suggest, as some have in earnest, that Obama needs to take money from this particular source. He is already guaranteed a lavish annual pension of more than $200,000 in addition to expenses and almost $400,000 in further pension money accrued from his time as an Illinois State Senator.
The threat of a prison sentence is much more persuasive than the threat of a large money penalty. You start throwing bank directors and CEOs in jail, and all of a sudden bank directors and CEOs see that they have a real problem that can’t be fixed with shareholders’ money.
Hacker News new | past | comments | ask | show | rdl on June 13, 2022 | parent | context | favorite | on: Crypto Platform Celsius Pauses Withdrawals I kept a lot of money on them in 2021; was nice getting $1-2k/wk in "free money". I knew the risks, and have worked in the industry since before it was an industry, so no excuses.
I got some knockoff makeup products from Santee Alley downtown, and then compared those to their real counterparts under a microscope to expose the differences up close on my skin! We took a look at the Sweet Peach Palette, Fenty Foundation, Moonchild Palette, Better Than Sex Mascara, and Kylie Lip Kit.
Accomplishments: - Raised $20,000,000 To Plant 20,000,000 Trees - Removed 30,000,000 pounds of trash from the ocean - Built wells in Africa - helped 1,000 blind people see - helped 1,000 deaf people hear - Given millions to charity - Started my own snack company Feastables - Donated over 100 cars lol - Gave away a private island (twice) - Gave away 1 million dollars in one video - Counted to 100k - Read the Dictionary - Read Bee Movie Script - Read Longest English Word - Watched Paint Dry - Ubering Across...
The Guardian - Back to home News Opinion Sport Culture Lifestyle Money Property Pensions Savings Borrowing Careers Money Friday 23 September 2022 Plunge in sterling leaves drivers paying £6 more for tank of petrol, says AA While oil prices are back to pre-Ukraine war levels, a weaker pound results in higher costs for motorists Plunge in sterling leaves drivers paying £6 more for tank of petrol, says AA ‘It’s bittersweet’: what home-buyers think of chancellor’s stamp duty...
TOPICS Algebra Applied Mathematics Calculus and Analysis Discrete Mathematics Foundations of Mathematics Geometry History and Terminology Number Theory Probability and Statistics Recreational Mathematics Topology Alphabetical Index New in MathWorld Algebra Polynomials Real Polynomial A polynomial having only real numbers as coefficients . A polynomial with real coefficients is a product of irreducible polynomials of first and second degrees.
Threatening for Money Another common attack cyber criminals perform to make money is the act of extortion, that is holding individuals hostage based on information they have on a individual, trying to make them pay money to be released from the extortion attempt.
Home Podcast Articles Search About Home New Humanist Articles Culture Gilt Money Paul Barker watches St Petersburg go backwards – By Paul Barker – Thursday , 31st May 2007 Originally published in 2003 History is being put into reverse in St Petersburg.
Usually it ' s very clear if someone is genuinely confused vs taking the piss, but sometimes it isn ' t. There ' s also a very real sense of " but I ' ve just told you " that can happen a la Zoolander which is extremely frustrating for the person putting in the effort to explain again and again.
A bank that checks where that money comes from is also taking on more risk (of having to turn away business), but it’s spending money to do so. “Banks make money from dealing with criminal funds,” Barrow says.
An investigation by Motherboard earlier this year revealed that any cellphone user’s precise, real-time location could be bought for just $300. The report showed that carriers, including AT & T, were making this data available to hundreds of third parties without first verifying that users had authorized such access.
Digital Journal WORLD TECH & SCIENCE SOCIAL MEDIA BUSINESS ENTERTAINMENT LIFE SPORTS World Op-Ed: The real fallout from the FBI ’ s Mar-a-Lago search – Increasing political violence The political consequences of the FBI’s search of Mar-a-Lago was predictable, and shows the polarization of America.
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A US indictment accuses Vinnik of 21 charges ranging from identity theft and facilitating drug trafficking to money laundering. He tried unsuccessfully to be extradited to Russia, where he is wanted on lesser fraud charges involving just 9,500 euros.
But as they saw that "this shit design makes people buy more", they change the design for something way more terrible and unusable, with lower quality. So, can you make money with the fediverse? Can you make money with XMPP? Can you make money with REAL decentralization? The answer is "No, you can't", You cannot because there's no boss, there's no master.
Only in Hong Kong, China, Myanmar and other repressive states it’s not fiction, and it’s not funny, it’s real-life tragedy. Benedict Rogers is co-founder and Chief Executive of Hong Kong Watch. This article was published in Apple Daily on 19 February 2021.
Speaking to the Istanbul Industry Chamber in late July, central bank governor Sahap Kavcioglu said, “Companies are said to have $500 billion in nonregistered money abroad. Even if 90% of this sum is false and only 10% true, it makes $50 billion. They should convert that money.” His claim may have been met with derision but is important in terms of reading Ankara’s intentions.