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Samantha Wallschlaeger (@StillNotSam): " Look at these fake-ass tiled clouds. Lazy devs " |nitter.qwik.spaceLook at these fake-ass tiled clouds. Lazy devs nitter.qwik.space Samantha Wallschlaeger @StillNotSam 2 Sep 2022 Look at these fake-ass tiled clouds.
View above the clouds - rimgo rimgo View above the clouds Mar 22, 2022 12:44 PM Alittledistantshiningstar 3764 0 0 Comments (30) bmorekarlthe1st Used to be able to do this at the Cliffs of Moher, then then installed iron fences. 11 months ago | 1 0 fskn Two types of people. 11 months ago | 1 0 ThisDeservesMoreUpvotes Leap into the void 11 months ago | 1 0 toomanymemesandnotenoughmemeory Jump and see if they can hold you as well as it does right before it rains 11...
Which was why it was with some excitement that an international group of astronomers announced tell-tale signs of life in the dense sulfuric clouds of Venus. The team of astrobiologists trained the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array in Chile and the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope in Hawaii on the clouds of Venus.
Just 17 years old and using a Google Pixel 3 phone, Eris submitted her photo, “ Mammatus Sunset, ” showing the sky softly illuminated by bulbous, backlit clouds in a rare phenomenon that is notoriously difficult to capture. Pil said: “ I love mammatus clouds; this was my first time ever witnessing them.
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< eccentric_Turiyya > bionom, там нечего глядеть, я почти не двигаю тему экологии пока. bionom eccentric_Turiyya: хорошо, буду следить за анонсами) eccentric_Turiyya неплохо бы замутить eco clouds os eccentric_Turiyya чтоб юзать машину как нетбук eccentric_Turiyya на который с клаудов всё синкается eccentric_Turiyya !!aq < eccentric_Turiyya > неплохо бы замутить eco clouds os > чтоб юзать машину как нетбук > на который с клаудов всё синкается GreenBich1 Quote added: [1278]...
20190716 - marusu's hole 20190716 song: "the early stages" by creative_reality17 if one digs up sand from the bottom of the lake and cups it in their hand, wishing it farewell as it slips through their fingers, it does naught but make the surrounding water dirty. the sand dissipates, gets everywhere in one's ill-fitting swimsuit, clouds that portion of the lake. swimming to somewhere else just brings the filth with you. eventually everywhere gets dirty, and you feel disgusting, and you...
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Tim Sandle February 21, 2022 Business Digital transformation success: It’s all in the clouds Enterprises will begin evaluating cloud PC solutions as a replacement for physical devices and on-premises or ‘do it yourself’. Dr.
These nebulae are then called Supernova Remnants. The fourth and the final one is the Dark Nebulae, made of clouds that don't let any light pass through them, filled with massive amounts of dust. Their shape is formed by the light that surrounds them.
As we wave the white flag of de facto surrender, the BA.5 variant is surging, with known new infections up 20 percent in two weeks, 40,000 hospitalized, and deaths creeping back up to 3,000 a week. When immersed in aerosolized clouds of this hyper-infectious variant for prolonged periods, even masked people are at high risk. Despite my two boosters and excellent overall health, COVID made me sicker than I'd been for decades, with a fever, massive congestion, crushing fatigue, and a body...
Burn this 1 thing in your Home Everyday || Removes all Negativity from Home || Vastu Tips youtube.com • Upvotes 0 comments r/CLOUDS • u/The_Sef • 0m ago beautiful clouds this evening on the California coast • Upvotes 0 comments r/GameGazette • u/Astice_Pensante • 0m ago General Looks like footage of Minecraft ' s world editor mode has leaked (03/03/2023) • Upvotes Footage which appears to show an unannounced world editor mode for Minecraft has appeared online.
In its over-egged way it captures the almost hallucinatory atmosphere that greeted the painter, a near biblical revelation of drama and sublimity with clouds “so low that they were being torn and riven” by the mountain points and broken clouds driven “in rolling masses through the storm-drift”.
Connections Featured in Pixar Short Films Collection: Volume 1 ( 2007 ) Soundtracks Behind the Clouds Written by Brad Paisley & Frank Rogers Performed by Brad Paisley Produced by Frank Rogers Brad Paisley appears courtesy of Arista Nashville Reviews Gorgeously animated, but rather routine Mater and the Gaslight is definitely not bad, but other than the animation really there is nothing special I particularly find about it.
Lost Penguin - Slashdot User Slashdot Firehose All Popular Search Slashdot Topics: Devices Build Entertainment Technology Open Source Science Software Hardware Linux CryptoCurrency Hacking Exploits Comment Hmmm, I have a question (Score 1) 29 by Lost Penguin on Thursday November 03, 2022 @05:09PM ( #63022791 ) Attached to: Scientists Zap Clouds With Electricity To Make Them Rain Are one of these "scientists" named "Raiden"? Comment I for one ... (Score 2) 23 by Lost Penguin on Sunday...
Ukraine War Israel Says it Plans to Open Transit Camps for Russian Jews in Azerbaijan The Israeli government has said it intends to open temporary camps in Azerbaijan for Russian Jews seeking to move to Israel in the wake of the war in Ukraine... exploring options Jewish Agency Readies for Possible Shutdown in Russia – Israeli Media In a move that drew swift blowback from Israel, Russia’s Justice Ministry last month requested the “dissolution” of the Jewish Agency. 'worrying situation' Moscow's Ex-Chief...
And he could get exponentially stronger if he started sunbathing nude above the clouds. So when you compare a feeble old science house person shrunk down to ant-sized and living under the artifical red sun of the bottle city of Kandor to a full-sized, sundipped Superman in his prime…. you’d be hard do devise a chart which could represent both of their strengths proportionally where Superman where the feeble old scientist is even visible.
How can you say this and justify it and you’re not even Mexican or barely understand the traditionz “it’s harmless” yeah my ass you dumbass 3 COMMENT 17d ago THIS ISNT MEXICO YOU ABSOLUT DOG TURD 0 COMMENT 17d ago I’m Mexican too and this is not like bolo lol. You are in the clouds if you see this and think it’s similar to the tradition we do here. Pendejo 3 COMMENT 17d ago Are you dense and associating this with fukcimg bolo. 63 COMMENT 18d ago Damn you can see why they divorced lol.
Then in August, one of the major podcast apps, Overcast, added a feature that lets users see which podcasts have enabled tracking. “I see the storm clouds gathering,” said Michelle De Mooy, a privacy consultant who spoke at PRX’s conference. “There’s a danger that this is a moment that can change away from privacy.”
Ausgestrahlt wurde d … 8G 16 1 / 0 16 2022-04-23 hidden TV The Owl House S2E20 720p.mkv Episode 20 of Season 2 of The Owl House. Created by Dana Terrace Clouds on the Horizon Everyone on the Isles prepares to celeb … 259M 1 1 / 0 16 2022-05-22 abandoned TV Halt and Catch Fire S03 [DE/EN] [1080p] [TVS] Halt and Catch Fire is an American period drama television series created by Christopher Cantwell and Christopher C.