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where to download plugins?

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It works only with Java i2p (the official one) some distributions such as Arch Linux have their own.
search alive sites at: no.i2p which works with all i2p (Java, i2pd etc...)

If you are an i2pd user with Fedora Infracloud please take note that at least from my locations there are major DOS attacks on Supervillain and Vorona. You can use the OpenSuse servers for i2pd 2.19 from gasinvein.

Bote does not work with future addresses. So if you create some identities, export and send future messages to these identities until they are activated (pastebin mode) it does not work. I do not use it or intend to. I suggest using crypto.cat from VirtualBox if you communicate with known "accomplices".

If you use the official Java i2p do upgrade to the latest router 0.9.36 which is a great improvement over the last few ones.

bote.i2p/ Install I2P-Bote
Latest version:

I2P-Bote 0.4.7

Released 2018-04-09

Go to the plugin install form in your routerconsole:
Paste in the URL http://bote.i2p/i2pbote.su3
Click Install Plugin.
Once installed, click SecureMail in the routerconsole sidebar or homepage, or go to

The I2P-Bote plugin is now built and signed by str4d. I2P-Bote users on versions 0.2.10 and below will need to uninstall their existing plugin first:

Go to the plugin config page in your routerconsole:
Find the i2pbote plugin.
Stop the old I2P-Bote plugin (click Stop).
Back up your I2P-Bote data. It is the i2pbote folder inside your I2P config directory (~/.i2p/i2pbote on Unix systems).
This backup is just a precaution. The data directory should not be deleted when you delete the old plugin, and it will be accessible by the new plugin.
Uninstall the old I2P-Bote plugin (click Delete).
Install the new I2P-Bote plugin as above.

v0.3 temporarily disabled IMAP support due to a bug. v0.4.3 re-enabled IMAP. See here for details.
Links: index news/0.4.3 news/0.4.4 news/0.4.5 sidebar
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