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Tue, 17 Jan 2017, 02:48am #1
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I kept a travel log for my visit to 33C3, here are the contents:

33C3 Travel Log
December 25th-26th
- Take-off around 2130 EDT
- Laptop screen almost crushed by a balding, middle-aged man reclining his seat
with exceptional fury
- One connecting flight, arriving in Hamburg around 1300 local time 26th
December 2016
- Connecting flight was rough & bumpy. Aborted one landing approach due to high
- Did not get much sleep, slept most of 26th
- Had some amazing Indian food at Badshah restaurant
- Left for a short walk after dinner, explored train station
- Started to rain, went back

December 27th
- Congress Center Hamburg is about a 20 minute walk from my hotel
- Got here around 9am
- Explored ground and 1st floor (ground floor)
- Found I2P desk on the 2nd floor (ground+1)
- hottuna arrives around 930am, we raise the I2P banner
- Needed my travel adapter to be able to keep laptop charged
- Ran back to get the adapter
- Fucked up an extension cord -- not rated for 240V, echelon fixes things.
Thanks echelon!
- Streaming opening session
- Streaming 'The Global Assassination Grid'
- 33C3 NOC Dashboard
-- https://dashboard.congress.ccc.de/
- la(z|d)ygravy arrive around 12pm
- zzz on a plane near Frankfurt, will be here soon
- Took a walk around with la(z|d)ygravy, and 2 other friends
- Streaming 'Bootstrapping A Slightly More Secure Laptop'
- Tested lazygravy's new reseed server -- it works! Thanks lazygravy!
- Had lunch, took a walk in a nice Japanese garden that is just outside
- I2P Finance Meeting 27th December 2016 @ 33C3 -- http://zzz.i2p/posts/11904
- Took a walk around CCH, nice environment to be in :D

December 28th
- Arrived around 1130am after having breakfast
- Discussed various I2P services with str4d and hottuna
- Ordering an I2P shirt!
-- https://www.getdigital.de/I2P-Fanshirt.html
- str4d gave an interesting talk -- http://zzz.i2p/posts/11904
- I2P Proposals meeting -- http://zzz.i2p/posts/11904
- Dinner with the I2P team at Asia Om -- Excellent food, praise all around
- Drank some nice warm wine, will have to ask echelon about its name
-- Glühwein!

December 29th
- Learned about TALER - Taxable Anonymous Libre Electronic Reserve - thanks
grothoff! -- http://zzz.i2p/posts/11906
- Brief TAILS meeting December 29th @ 33C3 -- http://zzz.i2p/posts/11904

December 30th
- I2P 2017 Roadmap meeting -- notes by zzz -- http://zzz.i2p/posts/11923/topic
- I will be discussing some crypto stuff with str4d! I look forward to learning
more about cryptography! :D
- I will be converting the NTCP2 proposal to the proper Proposal format
- I will inform zzz that I am happy to create a patch for backup's proposed
changes to the reseed page


thank you for making this 33C3 an amazing experience:

hottuna, echelon, atomike, zzz, lazygravy, ashley, str4d, egon, aiden, amos,
peter, grothoff and everyone else who stopped by to chat at the I2P table!

my sincerest apologies to anyone I left out, I'm on a plane and I am super
hungry :o


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