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You might've heard about the 'taking down' of 8chan by Cloudflare.
"The online message board 8chan, which has been linked to three mass shootings in 2019, will be terminated, Cloudflare announced late Sunday night, just hours after the site's founder called for its end."

This is one step to a 100% corporate Internet…
"During media interviews earlier Sunday, 8chan founder Fredrick Brennan called for the imageboard's end."
We will not falter.



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And the dumb niggers running 8chan have made their .onion dependent on their clearweb site, so their .onion is dead too.

And instead of fixing their .onion, they supposedly just launched a paid VPN only site. If this is true, 8ch is dead dead dead. (I am not touching a paid VPN to check)

But the good thing to come of this, is that more /pol/acks are starting to learn that there is no political solution.

Read Kaczynski.
Read Linkola.
Read Harassment Architecture.
Read Siege.


Is there any good active chans on i2p ? The zero net one sucks ass


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We are on a chan with great potential.

Changolia ia also nice.

Torchan and Nanochan (both on Tor, not I2P, sadly) are getting busy.

Avoid NiChan, because CP.

Avoid Zeronet, because CP (and because it *STORES* the CP on your hard drive!!!)


where is changolia ?


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For some reason they changed the front page to "Bananachan" now. It used to be Changolia.



>>banana chan is the best solution right now, a bit old but still working fine, available from i2p, 2hu-ch.org and probably others nodes but can't find them rn

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