macrnd: 743c00329d388ce08881a0862280ecdb3b80477d

      1: # macrnd      2:       3: A systemd unitfile to randomize mac address for selected interfaces on boot, before connecting to a network.      4:       5: ## Installation      6:       7: This program is a shell script and doesn't really need to be compiled. You can run either `make install` or `` as root. While running this command, you will be prompted to choose which interfaces to randomize on boot. This program requires that macchanger be installed. Macchanger does all the heavy lifting, and the whole point of this repo isn't the script but, the templated systemd service and the convient installer.      8:       9: ## Usage     10:      11: Nothing need be done. However, you can run `/usr/local/bin/ <iface>` to randomize an interface - or just use macchanger.     12:      13: ## Why?     14:      15: THis program is inspired by funshines opsec guide "ACT I" where funshine recommends randomizing your mac address. Your MAC Address isn't exposed over the internet, but is exposed on your local network. If you are connecting to an untrusted network, like say a coffee shop, your mac address is exposed, and can be used to track you by someone on the coffee shop network. Avoid having an indentifer by randomizing your mac address today. 

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