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2011-12-29 sister38e2[gpg] force to locale to en (utf-8)
2011-12-09 sister38e2minor. +x tools/
2011-11-04 sister38e2fix encode errorstools_v1
2011-10-14 sister38e2minor. Fix colors newline
2011-10-14 sister38e2Regexps fix for hide.pl
2011-10-14 sister38e2minor. Fix help for hide.pl
2011-10-04 sister38e2minor
2011-10-04 sister38e2oops, forget add gpg unpacker script, this script is...
2011-10-04 sister38e2Add hide.pl for embed PGP,steghide, update unhide.pl
2011-10-04 sister38e2Check PGP signs, replace DetectCyrillic with Encode...
2011-09-20 sister38e2unhide, and gpg tools