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Good News! Galaxy 2 is back again!

Posted by Darknet Blog in Darknet Blog on 2017-05-27
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Good News! Galaxy 2 is back again! We had to wait and to hope for one and a half weeks, if <a href="http://w363zoq3ylux5rf5.onion">Galaxy 2</a> will open again it's doors. Now it is done. G2 has restarted again. Many user looked day by day, if it is back again. But the browser told the bad news, that it was off.
Two days ago the server showed a message from the main admin "Lameth". He had to repair a bunch off issues and will start again afterwards.
Yesterday everything seemed to be alright and Galaxy 2 reopened.

I searched for alternatives to G2, how many other user obviously too. There are some other social media in the darknet. I. e. <a href="http://visibilit.i2p">visibility.i2p</a> or <a href="http://diasporg.i2p/">diasporg.i2p</a> in the I2P net or <a href="http://7qzmtqy2itl7dwuu.onion/">diaspora(tor)</a> in the Tor network. They all are good, no doubt, but have only very few user. For that Galaxy 2 is much better. There are nice people in G2 and neither advertising nor porn is allowed. The admins work hard to have a high quality social media without garbage posts and till now, it functions.

All users hope now, that G2 is working stable and perhaps one or two new user come along to Galaxy 2. There is place enough.
Home, sweet home.

I2P-Bote: tHLXSXR2MafGV1ZS4~VbhAVSEOiS1hoyBt2VgIfNdkUyU4JHBW9Ozw1DroxSrCV7z4d1HveRAGZQLogSCdAEo7