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Firstly, it can leverage large-scale social media data about vaccination to detect topics automatically. This is done by inserting a topic layer into an existing pre-trained language model. Secondly, the algorithm can be adapted on a small set of social media posts labeled with vaccine attitudes to automatically detect particular patterns of topics and topic-associated attitudes.
See also Pseudoscalar , Scalar Field , Scalar Function , Scalar Matrix , Scalar Multiplication , Scalar Potential , Scalar Triple Product , Tensor , Vector Explore this topic in the MathWorld classroom References Jeffreys, H. and Jeffreys, B. S. " Scalars and Vectors. " Ch. 2 in Methods of Mathematical Physics, 3rd ed.
It is tricky if people are coming from all over the shop and nice for people to meet others local to their area. Have a topic of discussion for each meeting. It gives a focus. You may find that people stray off it into interesting places. Think of the topic as a springboard, rather than a strict item to discuss.
Presently, they are extinct but a few animals and birds in the world today have some genetic resemblances to the once dominant species. The topic of who discovered dinosaur remains is still a topic of contention among experts in the related field. The source of this debate comes from the fact that the very first dinosaur remain was discovered at a time when the English language did not have the word “dinosaur” in its vocabulary.
Noam Chomsky (MIT) delivered the inaugural lecture in 2013, with a thought-provoking presentation on the topic of Solidarity and the Responsibility to Respect . Click here to watch . In 2014, Bruce Schneier , leading computer and internet security expert and fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School, gave a stimulating address on the topic Is It Possible to be Safe Online – Human Rights Defenders and the Internet .
Natter.i2p | Private Twitter Reader Jonathan Chait @jonathanchait Writer for New York magazine. Tweets with links are intended as prompts to read the linked story, not self-contained arguments substituting for the linked story Washington, D.C. nymag.com / author / jonathan-ch… Joined June 2009 Tweets 64,232 Following 705 Followers 203,467 Likes 12,161 Tweets Tweets & Replies Media Search Pinned Tweet Jonathan Chait @jonathanchait 18 Jan 2022 Some personal news -- I am going to supplement...
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Social media analytics company Sprout Social has found that in the month of August alone, over 150,000 unique authors mentioned the topic on social media, generating nearly 2,000,000 total engagements and over 2.1 billion potential impressions. Conversations spiked towards the month’s end, with topic volume increasing 14,000 percent over the last two weeks of August compared to the previous two.
__version__ description = Scrap the files posted in a thread on an imageboard. long_description = file: README.md long_description_content_type = text/markdown author = Alexander " Arav " Andreev author_email = [email protected] url = https://git.arav.top/Arav/ScrapTheChan keywords = scraper imageboard 4chan.org 2ch.hk lainchan.org 8kun.top license = MIT license_file = COPYING classifiers = Development Status :: 2 - Pre-Alpha Environment :: Console Intended Audience :: End Users/Desktop License ::...
Remember: just because someone ' s arguing against your position on a topic does NOT necessarily mean xe ' s in favor of any particular " opposing " view. Trolling is not conducive to making the world less shit.
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Indeed, even a program that introduced — for the first time in history — the topic of protection from sexual abuse to ultra-Orthodox schools was formulated and implemented by him. In this situation, it’s no wonder that the entire ultra-Orthodox public is experiencing trauma.
Shuttle @shuttle_dev Sep 27 Rust vs Go 🚀 In our latest article, we've teamed up with @matthiasendler to bring you a hands-on comparison between Rust & Go, a topic that frequently piques interest. shuttle.rs/blog/2023/09/27/r… Check out how to build a real world web app in each language and which one is the right for you!
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By Philip Collins What do the Queen’s speeches reveal about her? The topic of family was the way in which she sought to close the distance between the monarch and … By Philip Collins The Queen’s death leaves a nation unsure of its place in the world This is the second act of a national realignment that began with the UK’s departure from the EU.
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Apocalypse Prepping introduction the threat what to expect the plan water food weapons equipment medical critique Introduction June 6, 2023 The imminent novel threat of Artificial General Intelligence has increased the urgency to prep by at least an order of magnitude, and has made past condsiderations by preppers in many ways obsolete. While as of 2022, the AGI topic has gained some traction in the public sphere with ChatGPT, opinions as to how it will unfold vary wildly, and are often...
For example, in Nginx and using Tor with Unix sockets, the configuration would look like this: server { listen unix:/var/run/tor-my-website.sock; server_name .onion; access_log /var/log/nginx/my-website.log; index index.html; root /path/to/htdocs; } Tor site security This is a complex topic and I’m not an expert on Tor. Here are some links from the official Tor site that will help you dive deeper into safely running your site.
This premier issue of Policy Focus focuses on the Soviet role in Mideast diplomacy. Addressing that topic is Dennis Ross, executive director of the Berkeley-Stanford Program on Soviet International Behavior, and Harvey Sicherman , consultant to the Secretary of the Navy and former special assistant to Secretary of State Alexander Haig.
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