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It's possible to connect to any publically accessible XMPP/Jabber server. Take a look at the demo page for other examples of how Converse can be configured and used. Need an XMPP/Jabber account?
Это наиболее функциональные, популярные и известные варианты серверного и клиентского ПО под xmpp. Недавно была создана конференция сообщества Yggdrasil Ru, доступная из клирнета. В скором времени должны появиться внутрисетевые xmpp сервера.
/spoolnews/user.php">login rocksolid dovenet fms computers programming rocksolid dovenet fms computers programming " A mind is a terrible thing to have leaking out your ears. " -- The League of Sadistic Telepaths rocksolid / i2p / XMPP Subject Author XMPP Anonymous Re: XMPP Anonymous Re: XMPP Anonymous Re: XMPP Anonymous Re: XMPP Anonymous Re: XMPP Anonymous Re: XMPP...
XMPP - qwik docs XMPP 1st August 2022 Table of Contents Introduction Usage Clients Registration Encryption Chat rooms (group chats) Calls Tor and I2P Introduction XMPP is a protocol for instant messaging.
/spoolnews/user.php">login rocksolid arts aus+uk interests computers programming sport tech rocksolid arts aus+uk interests computers programming sport tech The help people need most urgently is help in admitting that they need help. rocksolid / i2p / XMPP Subject Author XMPP Anonymous Re: XMPP Anonymous Re: XMPP Anonymous Re: XMPP Anonymous Re: XMPP Anonymous Re: XMPP Anonymous Re:...
XMPP over I2P How to use XMPP over I2P? RU Sorry, this page is still in progress ... Please come back later!
Shadow Forums "XMPP General"™ ShadowForums based (Default) mobile Wasp Login Register attire meta politics shadowiki spyware tech Categories Threads XMPP General tech shadow Posts: 111 #3 Last edited: 28.01.2021 by shadow , read: 7796 times XMPP is a federated chat protocol.
/styles/main.css " > < link rel = " stylesheet " type = " text/css " href = " ./styles/privacy.css " > < title > qwik - XMPP < / title > < / head > < body > < div class = " container " > < header > XMPP < / header > < h1 > Introduction < / h1 > XMPP is an instant messaging protocol.
Possibilit & eacute; d'avoir +des salons publics et priv & eacute;s. + < br > < br > + + < p > < div id="guide-sommaire" > + < u > Sommaire: < /u > + < ol > + < li > < a href="#xmpp-guide-prereq" > Pr & eacute;requis < /a > < /li > + < li > < a href="#xmpp-guide-dnszone" > Configuration zone DNS < /a > < /li > + < li > < a href="#xmpp-guide-iptables" > Configuration pare-feu < /a > < /li > + < li > < a href="#xmpp-guide-pkgs" >...
А что, если использовать старый добрый XMPP , в котором уже все давно продумано и запилено? Но это же не настоящий peer-to-peer, скажете вы, для работы XMPP нужен собственный сервер и домен.
how to setup jabber xmpp otr pidgin Archives - Dark Net Daily Donate Contact Dark Net Daily Your I2P source for Darknet news. News Crypto Sentencings Arrests Hacking Markets Privacy Interviews Arrests Store Blog Tutorials Contact Search for: You are Here Home how to setup jabber xmpp otr pidgin Tag: how to setup jabber xmpp otr pidgin Tutorials How to set up Jabber/XMPP with OTR December 16, 2020 March 25, 2021 Pidgin is a free and open...
br0-gaming [xmpp] < ceo > кстати да, надо подумать) как это будет работать, хз lagemeet ceo, i2pd.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ tutorials/xmpp lagemeet ну федерация только работать будет :) br0-gaming [xmpp] < ceo > qend: ага br0-gaming [xmpp] < ceo > lagemeet: круто, буду изучать) а у тебя естть сервак тоже?
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I run an ejabberd XMPP server for federated private and group chats. Movim XMPP Client There aren't many good XMPP clients. Movim however is a fully-featured webclient for XMPP.
I know lots of prominent Linux YouTubers have promoted it as an alternative to Matrix, so I'll make something perfectly clear: XMPP. Is. Not. Matrix. Matrix is a fundamentally different (and admittedly overly complex) protocol that has very different defaults than XMPP.
XMPP For PGP, it is the same key from udonya[at]waifu[d0t]club. PGP は udonya[at]waifu[d0t]club の鍵と同じ。 ~XMPP~ udon[at]trashserver[d0t]net > OMEMO: 8FF9A26F 5EB5BA9A 03463A46 61195989 B540BC09 414CD1D9 41685232 2E9E2D1E ~XMPP~ udonya[at]kalli[d0t]st (サブ垢) > OMEMO: EB2E693D 0E976B6F CE723B32 4FCCE181 91159A19 0FA3D12B 64078419 D2B09A0A ~XMPP~ udonya[at]waifu[d0t]club (サブ垢) > OMEMO: 36C0A623 9FB374A2 0FFCCC9B C8753C5A 3D7323D8 6412750A...
S7T jabberip5hpbrafx.onion -- https://twitter.com/ManiacTwister/status/555759240875606016 Eep psi xmpp -- XMPP by the great Psi. [DOWN 2014-12-21] ~ Haste.ch -- XMPP chat between tor/i2p/clear. [DOWN 2014-12-01] ~ Jisko Jabber -- XMPP chat server with relays to tor.
Помимо указанного архива здесь есть: Радио I2P reseed Сам архив (конвертируется из gemini ежедневно) вот тут Связаться [email protected] - основной аккаунт (почта и XMPP) [email protected] - запасной XMPP (и почта,да) [email protected] - I2P почта [email protected] - I2P XMPP
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