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The highest vote-getter was Yariv Levin, Netanyahu’s closest confidant and political hatchet man. Levin—likely the next justice minister if Likud wins in November—has vowed “fundamental change” to the country’s attorney general post and Supreme Court to forestall what he views as a “judicial revolution” and “coup” attempt by the legal authorities against the government and Parliament.
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Ben Tasker 2010-12-05 14:16 (updated 2019-10-08 13:39 ) This post was originally posted on Freedom4All, you can view the original in the Freedom4all archive WikiLeaks continue to dump more classified material into the Public Domain on a daily basis. There’s still nothing of real interest contained within, but the various reactions to this disclosure is quite interesting.
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"The kingdom of courage has struck again by taking Portugal out after Spain," the La Presse newspaper wrote. - 'Stand up to France' - Even in the kingdom's arch-rival Algeria -- which failed to qualify for the tournament -- many have celebrated the Moroccan wins. Official media has remained silent, but the private press has heaped praise on the team. "The Atlas Lions were able to count on an iron defence to reach the last four.
The torrents are archived here in response to the raid and indictment of Tillie Kottmann and the seizure of the server. 3d4a0a4337faeab5169c11b9afe2b2b61a44b177.torrent - MAXEX Confluence + Jira Backup Dump 6d2b07da44e73ea45593c070b5be27d994a683c5.torrent - OneTechnologies GitHub Dump 7b2dc251aa6e39db4d760e3483d38b5ceefa96c3.torrent - GitExposed Alexa 1K pack 07c671f645de3367c694d5bd826583bedeea9897.torrent - Harman (Samsung) Software Management Server Source Code and...
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President Biden, who had warned repeatedly that “democracy is on the ballot” during the midterm elections, also hailed the wins. “ We lost fewer seats in the House of Representatives than any Democratic president’s first midterm election in at least 40 years.