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I think we got examples from every sector. In the informal economy – so street vendors and things like that – women were forced to do sexual favors to be able to get their license, or to be able to get the corner that they wanted for their stall.
Singapore has an extremely strict criminal defamation law, under which even those indirectly involved in producing an allegedly libelous article can be sued; printers, news vendors, authors and editors are all susceptible to charges. Chee Soon Juan, the leader of the Singapore Democratic Party and a staunch advocate for the right of freedom of expression went bankrupt after numerous defamation suits by the country's ministers.
It is easy to get to Laboni Beach from Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh . Close to the beach, there are many vendors that sell tourist souvenirs and also beach accessories. Some of these shops sell tee shirts and jewelry including shoes and bags.
SOLUTION: Add the ability to sneak behind a guard and use a blackjack to knock them out. PROBLEM: Vendors never have enough credits. SOLUTION: Double all vendors initial credits. PROBLEM: Unable to mod NG+ suit. SOLUTION: Let us mod it.
Does State inspect Amazon market places or any of those that deliver fresh produce from online vendors? I hate to buy a turkey online for the holidays with some maggots inside. 🤢 3 COMMENT Oct 27 ' 22 Brag Hill 1 COMMENT Oct 27 ' 22 We need you in the US Army!
Those in middle to low and low-income areas were more often getting water from communal taps or water kiosks (water vendors who sell water purchased from the utility company). We also found that a great deal of water – an average of 3.5 billion litres per month – is being wasted either through burst pipes, theft or irregular meters.
(National Institute of General Medical Sciences) Journal Articles References and abstracts from MEDLINE/PubMed (National Library of Medicine) Article: The use, perceptions and knowledge of safety of over-the-counter medications during... Article: Perceptions of patent and proprietary medicine vendors and communities of the... Article: A report of Kabul internet users on self-medication with over-the-counter medicines. Over-the-Counter Medicines -- see more articles Find an Expert Food and...
If you or I go stand on the street corner with a cooler full of cold drinks, no matter how many we sell, we’ll still just be vendors, not vending machines. Being mechanical… Read Lifestyle A day at Bayside Place Hakata: Good shopping, tasty food and fantastic views Nov. 13 05:58 am JST Nov. 13 | 05:58 am JST Once a key part of Hakata’s port economy, this area was transformed into a transportation hub and shopping and entertainment zone in the early 1990s.
From our morning news briefing to a weekly Good News Newsletter, get the best of The Week delivered directly to your inbox. Sign up There are vendors selling fruit and vegetables in the streets of Kabul, "but what you're hearing is that people just don't have money to buy food," Thakral said.
2 weeks ago | 1 0 spiceass9000 If they weren’t 15 dollars I’d for sure buy one 1 week ago | 1 0 slibinz I like getting up and having a bit of a stretch and walk to get my food at the ballpark, but I absolutely will take advantage of the beer vendors, less of a chance to spill them that way 2 weeks ago | 1 0 T3sl4co1l Can ' t do that too many times in a day 2 weeks ago | 71 1 tizme Jimmy Barnes can.
Magazine publishers, returning from business lunches, are hustling back to their skyscraper offices. Street vendors are selling everything from knock-off handbags to hot dogs. Tourists stroll down the sidewalks, snapping pictures of the taxis, the occasional passing celebrity, and the Broadway marquees.
We've been able to leverage our partnerships and deals with our vendors and datacenters to bring excellent savings on high performance server hosting to the end user. While we don't strive to be the cheapest service provider on the market, our cost to performance ratio remains unmatched.
It broke my youthful heart to see 95% of it to turn into jewelry tables as the jewelry vendors could pay more for a slot and pushed out the rock hounds. No more crystals and specimens, only cut and polished gemstones on junky chains and strings. 2 days ago | 2 0 oddvilla Ah Flexible, not Edible 2 days ago | 6 0 awesalots If that mica all up in there?
But the appetite for conviviality and public space will not disappear, even if vendors are devastated in the meantime. The alternative, then, is that public culture and space becomes revitalised on the basis of a kind of platform logic, in which the administrative and financial side of businesses is run by monopoly data crunchers (such as Uber and Amazon), while the front end – the customer-facing side of the operation – looks similar to how urban life looked in the past.
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He explains the options of getting I-O psychologists involved, pairing AI-based tools with human decision makers, and applying a healthy amount of skepticism to marketing materials provided by vendors. RELATED TOPICS Mind & Brain Intelligence Psychology Consumer Behavior Computers & Math Artificial Intelligence Robotics Markets and Finance Science & Society Privacy Issues STEM Education Education and Employment RELATED TERMS Computer vision Cognition Cognitive science Artificial...
It was from the wild world of kleptocrats that Trump emerged: those supply-side industries of modern corruption, those vendors and profiteers selling anonymous tools to all the grifters looking to launder their ill-gotten gains. Absent these aforementioned reforms, it will be from that world that the next Trump emerges.
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Those lucky enough to steal in Kuwait obviously have done well, but so has the ordinary Baghdad consumer. The streets are said to be full of vendors of goods from Kuwait, goods of a quality and profusion not seen in Baghdad since before the war, if even then. Sanctions will hit industry, but Iraq's industries are too small to matter much to that nation's economy.