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Onion Receivers/Frames Name Firearm/Platform Download Magnet [I2P] FGC-9 Mk II "Stingray" Rev2 FGC-9 Mk II Direct Partisan-9 FGC-9 Mk II/Partisan-9 Direct UBAR-9 v1.2 AR-9 Direct UBAR-9 Competition v1.2 AR-9 Direct DS9 - Discrete Spacegun 9 AR-9 Direct Biden's Bane Upper Receiver AR-15 Direct Sabertooth Mac-11/9 Direct DNL DD20.1 Glock 20 Direct BUBAR10 Rev3 LR-308 Direct BrickAR 5.5 AR-15 Direct CZAR v3 VZ 61 Direct KF5 MP5 Direct Hoffman Orca v5.3 AR-15 Direct Hoffman LR-308 v2.6 LR-308 Direct Hoffman...
Search Advanced Search… Sections Home News Cambodia China Laos North Korea Tibet Myanmar Uyghur Vietnam Pacific South China Sea Environment Asia Fact Check Lab Cartoons Special reports Commentaries About Press Room Contact Jobs and internships Search Advanced Search… Has the UK built a floating prison for illegal immigrants? Verdict: False By Dong Zhe for Asia Fact Check Lab 2023.08.04 Taipei Photo: RFA A video of a ship has been shared in news reports and social media posts that claim it...
I used to play it with my buddy in Highschool on my Amiga 500 2 weeks ago | 2 0 ThatGuy42 2 weeks ago | 18 0 orngeturtl #4 misread the stylized font at first and thought this one said MEMES 2 weeks ago | 3 0 michiyl MEMESIS? 2 weeks ago | 1 0 GTimgur I ' mma need some Mega Man in there. 2 weeks ago | 15 1 FabulouslyTiti " You ' re talking about me, right?! :D " No...no, we ' re not. 2 weeks ago | 10 0 GTimgur Hell yeah!!
Its so full of grammat and compound words that anything is possible. Und das ist mega. 1 day ago | 11 0 MrSmilingDeath They gave us the words " handschuhe " (the word for glove and translates to hand shoe) and antibabypille (that one ' s kind of obvious).
Human rights defenders working throughout Latin America have complained that Canadian companies which would be subjected to rigorous checking in their own country are allowed free reign in Latin America, meaning that they build mega-development projects without prior consultation of the affected communities. When human rights defenders organise the communities in opposition, they are targeted, using death threats, stigmatisation, criminalisation and even killings.
LORD; Legend of the Red Dragon Games Text RPG Local ? Lunatix Games Game Server ? Mega Slots Games Game Server ? Metal Prices Utility Local/API ? MoMUD Games Text RPG Local ? MRC (Chat Network) Chat Mystic Relay Chat (Multiple BBSes) Local/Network ?
Shame on Mega. arstechnica.com / arstechnica.i2p Posted by smartypants on June 23, 2022 at 8:14 AM in Tech 1 comment 3 2022.06.10 : New chip exploit!!!
The Ghost in the Shell was remade in 2017, in a live-action flop by DreamWorks and several other mega-studios. Any genre can have its popular narratives and aesthetic trappings co-opted, diluted for the masses by corporations looking to cash in on the hottest trend.
I have been working on the live-action film of The Legend of Zelda for many years now with Avi Arad-san, who has produced many mega hit films. [1] 4 17 1 338 Chiptuner retweeted Nintendo of America @NintendoAmerica 18 Jan 2014 . @aaronpaul_8 warmed up with some #WiiFitU Ski Jump on #WiiU during #Sundance . 115 1,248 80 2,436 Chiptuner retweeted Charles Martinet @CharlesMartinet Aug 21 My new Adventure begins!
Now Disney is going to lose as much as $200 million on the movie, and the much heralded trio behind both this film and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise (Johnny Depp, director Gore Verbinski, mega-producer Jerry Bruckheimer) have all seen dents in their reputations . You might think this story I have sketched would call for a little humility from the team that wasted so much money, and bored audiences all over the world.
I ' m up to two full lances. 17 4 837 Found a map of Morrowind in my old laptop bag. 1107 162 111851 What I like About Games Side Quest: Super Hero Day 17 29 3344 Mech #7 Victor. 25 4 2807 Earthdawn third edition: What I Like about Games Week 22 15 13 1687 The Excellents: What I Like About Games Week 21 18 4 1422 What I Like About Games Side Quest: Gifts 0 6 319 We showing off our hobbies? 20 18 2433 Mega Traveller: What I Like About Games Week 25 10 1 699 What I Like About Games Week 19:...
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Unfortunately, there are people or companies that take advantage of this and promote phony cancer treatments that do not work. These treatments come in all forms, from creams and salves to mega-doses of vitamins. Using unproven treatments can be a waste of money. At worst, they can even be harmful. Learn to protect yourself by learning how to spot possible cancer scams.
Martin Müller et al. have compiled a dataset of the costs and revenues of three recurring “mega-events”: the Summer Olympic Games, Winter Olympic Games, and FIFA Men’s World Cup. For each event between 1964 and 2018, it indicates the number of athletes, number of accredited media, venue costs, organization costs, ticketing revenue, broadcast revenue, and sponsorship revenue.
Radeon RX 7800 XT Desktops / Laptops (techspot.com) submitted 8 minutes ago by Stiven_Crysis to gadgets ▶ 0 comments save 1 HBM4 2048-Bit Memory Could Dramatically Increase Bandwidth: Report Desktops / Laptops (tomshardware.com) submitted 9 minutes ago by Stiven_Crysis to gadgets ▶ 0 comments save 872 It's 2023 and USB-C is even more of a mess Home (androidauthority.com) submitted 2 days ago by Avieshek to gadgets ▶ 193 comments save 2.5k Microsoft cuts ties with the Surface Duo after just 2 Android...
Home computer models and manufacturers Origin Manufacturer Model Processor Year Video type Mass storage Video chip Compatibility Remarks Ref UK Acorn Computers Ltd Acorn Atom 6502 1980 TV Cassette 6847 UK Acorn Computers Ltd BBC Micro 6502 1981 TV, RGB, composite video Cassette, diskette option 6845, SAA5050 Teletext Optional processor boards; Several models UK Acorn Computers Ltd Electron 6502 1983 TV, RGB, composite video...
(читать) скачать: (fb2) - (epub) - (mobi) - Печера [Пещера - uk] (пер. Алексей Негребецкий ) 1258K, 364 с. (читать) скачать: (fb2) - (epub) - (mobi) Фэнтези - Дика енергія. Лана [Дикая энергия. Лана - uk] (пер.
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Comment Study only looks at UK civil servants (Score 1) 245 by aj50 on Monday May 08, 2017 @06:16PM ( #54380619 ) Attached to: Your Boss Is Not More Stressed Out Than You, Science Says The study is looking specifically at UK civil servants after seven years or so of government austerity policies.