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I thought it was rather ambitious that the filmmakers decided to show the beings inside the UFO, since it is rare that we actually get to see a cinematic alien fiddling with buttons and levers behind a control desk. Not only this, but the two extraterrestrials – in just five minutes – become relatively well-developed characters: we immediately sympathise with poor hapless Stu, and Mr.
That effort includes provisions in the 2023 National Defense and Intelligence Authorization Act, signed in December, that require information about Area 51 and other "provocative and hotly debated questions that have swirled around the UFO topic for decades."
The searches led to the discovery of a fully equipped counterfeit documents printing shop and the seizure of equipment such as a laser engraving machine, a vacuum press, and printers. The investigators also found and seized storage devices and several smartphones and computers.
"The MJ-12 Crashed-Saucer Documents" . Skeptical Inquirer . 12 (2): 137–146. 1987–1988. Reprinted in The UFO Invasion and The Hundredth Monkey: And Other Paradigms of the Paranormal .
For sure â ¦ Comment And maybe not even UTF-8 (Score 1) 157 by k2r on Friday June 16, 2023 @05:16AM ( #63607198 ) Attached to: World's Largest Fusion Project Is In Big Trouble, New Documents Reveal no comment Comment War would change our lifes forever, too (Score 1) 157 by k2r on Friday June 16, 2023 @05:16AM ( #63607196 ) Attached to: World's Largest Fusion Project Is In Big Trouble, New Documents Reveal â ¦ and it requires less education...
He is skeptical of many reports from the 1990s, suspicious that jobless military and intelligence officers were creating stories to conform to Western UFO traditions, and then selling them to foreign UFO researchers.
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Shifting global trade, industries and tourism are also expected to affect traffic volumes and thereby the volume of alien species that are unintentionally transported and introduced.