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Consider Postman. A lot of users put imdb links in their posts that could be matched to the imdb server logs and match when a torrent was posted to when the page was accessed. Users who put links in comments are also susceptible to de-cloaking in this way.
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All links open in a new window Cat Black - New clothing store in Ipswich, nice selection and Aura Photography, give them a visit! Mrs Doolittles Pet Care Linux Format - The UKs best selling Linux Magazine Groklaw - A useful resource for Legal news, the Off topic posts can be quite amusing as well Userfriendly - A daily comic strip by that genius Illiad Free Gary McKinnon, or at least try him in the UK - A page devoted to the ongoing case of Gary McKinnon.
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Loli Links A list of sites hosting loli/shota/cub content URL Name Type(s) of content Open to registration ? Note https://lolibooru.moe/ Lolibooru Loli, sometime Shota too No https://rule34.xxx/ Rule34.XXX Cub (young furries) Yes https://rule34.paheal.net/ Rule34 by Paheal Loli, Shota, cub No Site admin mass-deleted Loli/Shota/cub content and then restored it https://baraag.net/ Baraag Loli, Shota, cub Yes owmvhpxyisu6fgd7r2fcswgavs7jly4znldaey33utadwmgbbp4pysad.onion/ The Permanent Booru...