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Self-defense is a basic human right, whether the jews take it out of the rule book or not. — – Anyone who is racist against whites must leave the country. Reminder: We move forward by sharing this information.
Its services ran along a new colonial road system planned with the aim of linking all major towns and cities. [ 34 ] Natural resources [ edit ] An economic map of Morocco produced by the French protectorate in 1928 The Office Chérifien des Phosphates ( OCP ) was created in 1920 to mine phosphates out of Khouribga , which was connected to the Port of Casablanca by a direct rail line. [ 34 ] In 1921, 39,000 tons of phosphate were extracted, while almost 2 million tons were...
More than half of those gun deaths were suicides. Gun murders have also increased in recent years, increasing by 34 percent in 2020 over the previous year. Nearly 80 percent of homicides in 2020 involved a firearm. Multiple cities have seen a dramatic increase in homicides in recent years.
Been nearly 5 years since I lost my BFF and it still hurts every day. Dogs rule. 1 week ago | 4 2 KittensForDays I’ve got one of those paw prints too. She was a good girl, I’m sending good vibes your way 1 week ago | 3 0 rayleon0702 Lost one of my 2 dogs in January, sry for your loss OP.
1 Upvotes I want all network traffic on my linux laptop to go through I2P and I ' m trying to create firewall rules for that. My understanding is that I have to create a rule to allow traffic both ways (in & out) on the port I2P is functioning on (2nd pic), and another rule to deny traffic both ways on all other ports (3rd pic).
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Explore further Report: Greenhouse gas emissions from government-owned companies Uber Eats starts robot deliveries in Tokyo 16 minutes ago Scientists enhance wireless communication with three-dimensional processors 12 hours ago A new light on arc-faults: Enhancing electrical fire safety 12 hours ago Balancing building temperatures sustainably with a device requiring no extra energy 12 hours ago Research team develops low-emission, natural-gas-fueled hybrid truck 13 hours ago Computer scientists find a...
Asked about criticism that the rule change would disadvantage minority renters and borrowers, HUD spokesperson Matt Schuck responded in a statement that the rule change does not conflict with the Supreme Court’s decision.