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Watch the full episode. accntu.re/3Md9swP @WIRED Enable hls playback 38 32 8 84 7,212 Accenture @Accenture 28 Oct 2022 Web3 is laying the foundation for the #metaverse and every business needs to be thinking about it. Watch the full discussion between Accenture’s @PaulDaugh and @FortuneMagazine ’s @AlanSMurray and learn how companies are taking a #RadicallyHuman approach: accntu.re/3FscxYh Enable hls playback Fortune ' s Alan Murray talks to Paul Daugherty about Radically Human 16 19 4 50...
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. → More replies 15 u/smoothskin12345 21d ago Yeah, all Patagonia profits go to the charitable foundation run by the Patagonia founder and his family... Definitely not a blatant tax dodge for one of the wealthiest families on earth. It ' s definitely to make sure their unimaginable wealth and continued profit on clothing made cheaply by foreign workers that could never afford to buy them goes to climate action 17 u/Josvan135 21d ago Correct, it is indeed the point.