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She knows how to use the medium as well as anybody, and she ’ s found a brilliantly inventive and totally unique way to convey left political ideas. ContraPoints produces YouTube videos . They are often quite long, and they are frequently strange. When I was first showed them several months ago, I had absolutely no idea what to make of them.
Vaccination has the potential to reduce the spread of infection without disturbing local populations, scientists report in Current Biology.The findings help explain why culling badgers can cause TB infection in cattle to rise, as infected badgers roam into new territory, they say. (BBC) Facebook allows users to upload decapitation videos so people can ‘ condemn them ’ Facebook has decided to allow users to upload videos of decapitations and gory terrorist acts because the...
Juni 2023 in Berlin statt und stand unter dem Motto “CASH”. Die Videos sind online. The festival for the digital society re:publica 23 took place from June 5-7, 2023 in Berlin and was themed "CASH". The videos, including some in English, are online.
They again asked Au to identify the participants and whether he was one of the attendees. Au’s barrister argued that the videos were not strictly related to his client, nor was it clear how the videos were related to “conspiracy” and that the prosecution did not clearly define this principle.
The first one was held in May 2019. The high volumes of views of the videos of the hearing—posted by CECC and media outlets— underscore the intense and widening attention on and urgency of the Hong Kong issues in and beyond Hong Kong.
How should I go about learning the program? I watch videos on it, but everytime I go to practice it, I get “warning” messages basically saying be careful, etc. Where can I go to practice using this application where I won’t do anything to get myself in trouble, and any tips for learning the application itself?
This rule is meant to keep things fresh. Reposts will be Wed, 14 Apr 2021 | Citations | /r/videos http://xugoqcf2pftm76vbznx4xuhrzyb5b6zwpizpnw2hysexjdn5l2tq.b32.i2p/r/videos When is the last time you went outside to do some blimping?
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That happens because you ' re using your fingers to write. 2 COMMENT 4d ago If people are taking their videos seriously then maybe you should direct your criticism towards those people. You ' d have to be a moron to not understand it ' s satire. 1 COMMENT 4d ago I ' m baffled that you guys don ' t understand that their videos aren ' t supposed to be actual criticism.
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