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Yea they have the issue of quick charging solved but it requires that the end-user use the equivalent of industrial power cables, not very practical. Fuel cell look to be a far better future. technology already exists for small scale local production, for instance at the "gas station".
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What an odd opinion. 9 COMMENT 3d ago " This play " is up there with zen as the most annoying ape speak. 5 COMMENT 3d ago Yeah, that caught my attention too. " Regards, your brother " 11 COMMENT 3d ago The deal breaker is " long term. " Speaking for myself, the allure of making a ton of money quick and easy is powerful, specifically to the ignorant. I fell in this trap with GME and AMC, lost a lot of money, then realized what a complete fool I was for...
I’ll just say I’m taking 20$ so she knows. We have joint accounts on all of our stuff. So it’s not like money is being hidden. NEXT u/bergoldalex Karma Created 887 Sep 29 ' 20 Follow Filter v0.30.1 ⓘ View instance info < > Code
Now... here is the kicker. I calculated how my money did with the advisor and how it would have done with an 80/10/10 portfolio (VTI/VXUS,BND), as this is how my money is invested now.
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Willoughby About Fred Willard radiated a unique charm that established him as one of the industry ' s most gifted comic actors, first coming to prominence as ambitious but dimwitted sidekick Jerry Hubbard to Martin Mull ' s smarmy talk-show host Barth Gimble in the devastating satirical series Fernwood Tonight (1977) . A master of sketch comedy, he was most heralded for his quick wit and improvisational expertise. His 50 appearances in sketches on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1992) were...
Offer them subsidised Interrail tickets. 2) Intensify anti-corruption and money-laundering efforts. Crack-down on the off-shore economy. Ensure banking and finance regulation ensures proper control of who owns what, where the money came from, and whether domestic taxes have been paid. 3) Make the resolution of the conflict in Ukraine a top priority.
Among other tactics, the group has encouraged people to use its financial institutions to exchange and deposit their money—especially al-Qard al-Hassan, a U.S.-designated foundation that has become Hezbollah’s main money exchanger and the default bank replacement for its Shia constituency.