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Washed all the walls and ceiling with a degreaser, wiped down with clean rags dried em with a microfiber cloths. patched as many small holes and gouges as I could. Finally did a quick sand of the walls with a 120 grit and wiped them down to clear the dust. The current walls are a pale blue and beige, the top coat is going to be a meduim grey.
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Classes Class Description ConfigFile Simple config file handler. UrlLauncher A quick and simple multi-platform URL launcher.
If your GitHub account name is different from your local account name, you must set your GitHub account name for the script to use: export GH_USER = < github account name > PGP keys - if you don ' t have one already, you can use gpg --quick-gen-key to generate it. a fork of the gitian.sigs repo on your GitHub account. Please follow the directions there for uploading your key first.
If you didn't make it to Prague you can start catching up with some of MoneroKon 4 talks in the Monero Community Workgroup YouTube channel . More to be uploaded in the days to come. John is hosting Monero Quick Facts on his website, Quick Facts was a section part of Monero Outreach's defunct website. Take a look at resilience365.com . Freedom Tools, a brand-new repository to find tools to live with more freedom, posted a simple guide to getting some sweet Monero.
/usr/bin/env bash cat / etc / wireguard / wg0.conf.BACKUP | head -n 10 > / etc / wireguard / wg0.conf curl -s https :// raw.githubusercontent.com / zapret-info / z-i / master / dump.csv | grep -E -o " ([0-9]{1,3}[\.]){3}[0-9]{1,3} " | while read LINE ; do echo " AllowedIPs = $LINE " done cat / etc / wireguard / wg0.conf.BACKUP | tail -n 3 > / etc / wireguard / wg0.conf systemctl restart wg-quick@wg0.service Недостаток в том что из-за кол-ва маршрутов тоннель перезапускается очень долго....
The preferred method of contact is Email: acetone AT mail.i2p / acetone AT i2pmail.org [ PGP ] It doesn't make sense to use email for short messages, especially without encryption. For quick chat, I prefer [ ILITA IRC ], always online. < This page is available in > I2P Tor Yggdrasil Clearnet 2020-2024 (c) acetone
Where is the legal contract he signed? /s 4 COMMENT Dec 31 ' 23 In Iowa depending on how quick you fill out the info on the computer and how quick the background check comes back you can be out with your rifle in half an hour. 1 COMMENT Dec 31 ' 23 Amd doesn ' t know how to countnto 10 9n one hand. 8 COMMENT Dec 30 ' 23 Heres the synopsis for the movie.
Kwa from the PALnet discord server. And before you all go hatin on us for this, he asked for it. Quick disclaimer: This obviously isn ' t a real product. Charlie ' s Choke & Poke is not a real company. Any problems call the same number that was n the lawsuit parody video. by Unkle Bonehead
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If you still don’t have a MentalMesh™ with turboport charging capacity, there are a number of quick, efficient ways to boost your brain juices. Consider your household employees: they’re probably walking around with an excess amount of cranial fluid.
Explore Help Register Sign In PurpleI2P / i2pd_docs_en mirror of https://github.com/PurpleI2P/i2pd_docs_en.git Watch 1 Star 0 Fork You ' ve already forked i2pd_docs_en 0 Code Issues Projects Releases Wiki Activity 1857d71283 i2pd_docs_en / README.md 488 B Raw Blame History i2pd docs Feel free to open an issue or create a pull-request. Use i2pd wiki to prepare new pages. Quick-jump list: Edit config options Edit tunnels config options Edit FAQ Old and stable Gitea instanse (hosted not in a...
Make sure you fill this out 📝 PrimeDAO (D2D) @PrimeDAO_ 25 Apr 2022 Replying to @PrimeDAO_ PS: Are you a #DAOplomat looking to network with other DAOs using Prime Deals? Fill out our quick interest form here and we'll be in touch soon primedao.typeform.com/to/f4z… 1 1 Blake | eruditemonkey.eth 〽️ @blakeminhokim 25 Apr 2022 Done.
. - Jack Guez/AFP via Getty Images Ben Caspit @BenCaspit August 12, 2022 General elections in Israel are just 2½ months away. Organizing a fifth election in only 3½ years demands quick organization, but Jerusalem is not neglecting an important aspect — that is preparing for eventual exterior attempts of hacking. This threat is not new.
Car routes (and placement of shops and offices) take advantage of the random route ability of cars to specifically avoid the downtown congestion, enshrining the “quick and convenient to drive from one suburb to the neighboring suburb, but incredibly painful to use public transit for that trip”. Buses suffer a time penalty naturally along their route, but if you add a “take a bus in a direction you don’t want to go, change buses, take that bus back-tracking the wasted motion, and only then...
My MIL just started work from home today after her company scrambled last week to get something in place. They turned to a quick Citrix solution where everyone is connecting into their own work desktops. Also quickly spun up MS Teams for chat communication. Works fine from a technology perspective.
June 21, 2022 Melody Schreiber How to Vaccinate People for Monkeypox—and Not Screw It Up A quick, targeted vaccination campaign could stop this disease in its tracks. Our Writers Kate Aronoff Climate & Energy Matt Ford Law & The Courts Melissa Gira Grant LGBTQ Rights Jason Linkins Power & Plutocracy Timothy Noah Politics & Economy Tori Otten Breaking News Ellie Quinlan Houghtaling Breaking News Greg Sargent Politics & Democracy Grace Segers Congress & Elections Walter Shapiro Politics &...
Basic firewall As I previously stated, default firewall we get using Quick Set is pretty much sufficient. Go to IP- > Firewall in Winbox or > ip/firewall/filter in teminal. For IPv6 sections called IPv6 for Winbox, and ipv6 for teminal.