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tos001 # TOS Terms and Conditions for http://paste.idk.i2p ============================================= Privacy Policy -------------- paste.idk.i2p and it's administrators will never share any
gitlab available both inside and outside of I2P. " Topic: Vote on inclusion or exclusion of paste.idk.i2p in the router console readme.txt. Link to terms-of-service for paste.idk.i2p: http://paste.idk.i2p
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by zzz Link Post Topic (x) 2 days ago I ' m changing the service that I use to run paste.idk.i2p and old pastes will probably NOT be preserved » idk I2P Legend Learned something new about SMART today
. A recent, correctly-generated bundle of the mainline i2p.i2p source code as-of Wednesday, March 18, 2020, can be found inside of I2P at my pastebin paste.idk.i2p/f/4hq37i . You can also use a magnet
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