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Hunger and cravings aren’t the only reasons people snack. Many people snack to prevent overeating or for appetite control. However, snacking will actually increase a person’s appetite and encourage overeating. Other reasons for snacking might include: • Low blood sugar • Stress • Depression • Anxiety • Boredom • Habitual snacking • Social reasons • Availability I believe snacking, in general, is worse than a high-carb diet without snacking.
But, the scientists believed, this was an effect of obesity, due to the mice being less active, rather than a cause. "Overall, we think overeating due to leptin resistance was the driving cause behind why these mice became obese," said Dr. Yanagiya. To further investigate how loss of XRN1 results in leptin resistance and an increased appetite, the scientists looked at whether the activity of appetite-regulating genes changed within the hypothalamus.
If you read that link carefully, you will see that even when they admit some factor other than overeating is responsible for obesity (e.g medications), they still try to spin it as it "making you eat more". So, the current theories cannot look beyond gluttony and laziness as explanations.
Generally what ' s healthier in a vegan diet is eating nutrient-filled, water-dense foods that keep you satiated, like a lot of fruits and vegetables can, that keep you from overeating and consuming too much. So I think people assume we ' re all just only eating that. And if you ' re vegan, you ' re probably turning to a lot of foods that are that.