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If you know anyone who struggles with a porn addiction, the best way to help them is to support and guide them through recovery. Remember that you are not alone. A reassuring fact: Porn is banned in many nations already. [Ref]
Hacker News new | past | comments | ask | show | colechristensen on June 12, 2022 | parent | context | favorite | on: The state finally letting teens sleep in Teenagers wanting to stay up late is natural, not the product of some social evil but a built in feature of being a teenager. madeofpalk on June 12, 2022 Less of a feature and more of a "known issue".
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Time is incidental to the mold developing, not causal. It is the same way with computer programs. Waiting one second does not make the service ready. The service being ready makes it ready.
Earlier this summer, Sony released images of the upcoming console, a slightly thinner digital PS5 model that does not have a disc player. (c)2020 U.S. Today Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC. Citation : PlayStation 5: DualShock 4 controllers will work for the console, but not for PS5 games (2020, August 4) retrieved 2 September 2023 from /news/2020-08-playstation-dualshock-console-ps5-games.html This document is subject to copyright.
I believe in current society, our stigmatization of pedophilia has lead to a paranoia of abstract things. The label of pedophilia holds extreme power, power thats not well handled. Its simple to make something ‘objectively’ evil, you just have to attach the label of pedophilia to it. Assuming you can get others to adapt this label to the concept you want to villainize, or at least enough people to have a semi-strong influence, you can make just about anything ‘objectively...
He ' s just an evil cunt. 3 days ago | 4 0 SuperFerret Let ' s not spread inaccuracies. He ' s definitely an all purpose villain. 3 days ago | 3 0 HayaSuburi That whole family should be dragged out into the street and killed 2 days ago | 3 0 shitheadtookmyname He will not because no one will be alive to think of him that way 3 days ago | 3 0 ttwshowtime We still revere assholes like William Randolph Hearst.
It is not only that I have become aware of the terminal incompleteness of my own philosophical position (let alone my lack of understanding of modern physics and cosmology), that I do not now ever expect to be able to repair or make whole an awareness that seems to require both a degree of humility towards and tolerance of the philosophical positions of others; but I have rejected the historiography of religion of the adolescent or village atheist, according to which...
Words to take to heart as we debate whether or not hate speech on the right—above all, on Fox News, in the blogosphere, and on talk radio—has made events like the attempted assassination of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords more likely.
Is there a final lesson in The Rings of Power ? There is the truth that evil exists and that no form of progress will ever do away with it. Evil is present in all of us, but the distinction between good and evil is no less real.
As I said before, CSEM usage is usually based on an addiction, a human fault. While the action is not "good", I don't think someone is evil over it. I believe if you realize your problem, and want genuine help, you should be able to get it.
What do you guys think of my not sponsored haul? And yes, this video is NOT sponsored! PS - I know we are missing one blur, I just fixed it on my end in the YouTube edit screen and that is in process!
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Not in that it didn't have insanely bloated with javascript websites, or that the corps weren't as hungry for power as they are now. I mean that the content in the websites weren't as depressing as they are now.
I love how all the moral justice warriors come out and rise up against the big evil fentanyl, and it is poison!!!!! Then in the same breath, will offer you enough methamphetamine for 100 dollars to stay awake for 7 days.
His social circle of like minded narcissists he would giggle with about foolish people who feared god would not be able to come to his aid! Why does God cause calamities if he ' s good??? God is evil!!! (Making a mockery) the ego in that question is already clear.
In the interim, prisons must be made better and more humane. It’s not that you should, in the world we live in now, open the prison gates and give murderers probation. It’s that you should always remember that even if you think prison is a necessary evil , that still makes it evil, and evil things should ultimately be gotten rid of, whatever their short-term necessity.
Style" ( clearnet ) tetsuo kogawa: "A Radioart Manifesto" ( clearnet ) Mini FM, communal radio, molecular revolution the old internet fiftythree.org: evil watertower, etherkiller + friends ( wayback ) finally went down at the end of 01/2022 :( toastytech: the gui gallery, ie4 is evil ( clearnet ) melty.com: Ann, my funky lesbian guardian angel ( wayback 1 ) ( 2 ) ( 3 ) ( 4 ) ( 5 ) bossanova.com: leckmans + others, really pretty landing page ( wayback ) good talks,...
It's a nice piece of kit, sleek looking with a small form factor and 500GB of space spread across it's platters. Not bad at all for 50 quid, first I formatted it as ext2 (let's not get into the FS wars!) with mkfs. Then I moved some of my files onto it.