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Introduction E-mail itself is a system consisting of several parts. A main E-mail protocol — SMTP is used for exchanging of mail between servers. For a user to manage his mail IMAP and POP3 protocols are used.
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The name comes from the slow speed of snails, considering that conventional mails are very slow when compared to email. The duration between the time the mail is sent and the time the mail is received is very long. Other names that are used to refer to snail mail are paper mail, postal mail, or land mail.
Ideas and Thoughts About Contact Home Onion i2p Archives Categories Tags Create an i2p mail and use it with Thunderbird Posted on Sun 25 December 2022 in Tutorials If you don't have an i2p mail, you can create your mail account here If you use i2pd, you'll need to edit the tunnels.conf in order to activate the POP3 protocol (if you use i2p POP3 is already active) For linux users: sudo nano / var / lib / i2pd / tunnels . conf Delete the # of the [SMTP] and...
Use Transport Mapping Using this method, we can tell Postfix to either reject the mail, or disregard it. The latter is generally the preferred method as we want the sending application to believe the mail has been sent.
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