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“Yura,” the fraudster behind dozens of contract-killing sites, including Besa Mafia, Costa Nostra, and Crimebay, likely lives in Romania. Chris Monteiro, the “vigilante hacker” who has been hacking darkweb murder-for-hire sites since at least 2016, linked Yura to an IP address in Romania. Santosh Sharma, a freelancer who once did SEO work for Yura, said, “[Yura] was based in Romania.”
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But, the social norms around scope of a post and the folksonomy of verbs are critical to get right… 1/6 Rohit Khare ' s personal website Welcome to Rohit Khare ' s personal website polywork.com 1 3 Rohit Khare @rohitkhare 25 Apr 2021 Inspiring hacker -- not merely for, say, "mind grenades" like smuggling audio over SMS, but for how generously he lived, from the awesome range of tweets from others he inspired: "Ichi-go icih-e" the one moment in a lifetime can make all the difference!
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“A lot of people worked on the so-called ‘gray Internet’ in the businesses of spam, malware, and porn. Groups would hire talented people to write the code for these industries.” Vladimir Levin, a mathematician trained as a biochemist, was the archetypal early Russian hacker.
The Guardian - Back to home The Guardian News Opinion Sport Culture Lifestyle US US Politics UK UK Politics World Business Environment Society Science Tech The e-scooters for hire will be banned from pavements, while privately owned versions are still technically illegal. Photograph: Yui Mok/PA The e-scooters for hire will be banned from pavements, while privately owned versions are still technically illegal.