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cause i can tell you a whole lot of banned guns we cant get. 1 week ago | 2 1 Da3n Books are being banned in school libraries. Guns are already banned there. If you recall the point of fahrenheit 451 was that you can ' t actually ban books (can ' t ban ideas.)
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Another #STEO takeaway: We expect #renewableenergy to play a larger role in meeting electricity demand in Texas (ERCOT) next year (2022 ➡️ 2023):🌬️ Wind: 25% ➡️ 29%🌞 Solar: 5% ➡️ 8% https://t.co/vWn2IrXmMo pic.twitter.com/Obda0slAbw — Joe DeCarolis (@EIA_One) December 6, 2022 Texas, in fact, led the U.S. in renewable energy projects in 2021, the American Clean Power Association reported earlier this year , bringing 7,325 megawatts of new wind, solar, and energy storage...
Yes Movie Recaps Subscribe | 2.18M Shared November 16, 2021 The true story of a quadriplegic aristocrat that hires a young man from the projects to be his assistant and watches their professional relationship become an unbreakable friendship. Subscribe to our second channel: tinyurl.com/Movie-Recaps Hi!
Further reading: Related Geopolitics The future will be made in America Geopolitics Xi Jinping’s death wish Comment Desperation is turning the centre right against green politics Republicans put US shootings down to anything but guns. Can Ukraine win the war? Guns still take priority over safety , despite the closure of the “boyfriend loophole”. Maurice Glasman’s diary from Ukraine.
Comment Re:Surely the law can handle this (Score 1) 462 by jsrjsr on Sunday July 16, 2023 @01:22PM ( #63690269 ) Attached to: Teenagers Have Bought 'Ghost Guns' Online, Sometimes with Deadly Consequences At the time the Second Amendment was written, it was not unusual for someone to make a firearm at home.
Two issues came quickly to mind: One, “I pray that no one takes the guns—that would bring a lot of trouble to everyone.” Two, “If some people do take the guns, should I stop them?” The scene was so quiet, and the spectators did not in fact take the guns.
However, is it ever actually established that their weapons work the same way ours do? Of course the props are mostly or all real-world guns with sci-fi-looking shit glued to them, but I don ' t recall ever seeing anyone load one, or spent casings ejecting when fired. Maybe in the future they all manage to use a weapon technology that is somehow less suited for space travel than ours is.
Jennifer Hamady: Free the Slaves Jennifer Hamady 2011 Here along America's Southwest border, we know gun trafficking is an international problem. Antonio Villaraigosa: Crime Guns Crossing Borders and Taking Lives Antonio Villaraigosa 2010 Having some level of red-tape that ensures that adoptions are done properly and child trafficking is not taking place is not in opposition the faith.
Узнать подробнее об условиях применения промокода можно по ссылке: clck.ru/35aoP4 Erid: LdtCK7c3H Смотри новые серии на СТС в 19:00 , а сразу после эфира — ctc.ru/projects/serials/papiny-dochki-novye В продолжении истории проклятие Васнецовых настигает уже повзрослевших дочерей семейного психотерапевта.
But if you ' re gonna get into tournaments, airball or play very frequently then electro is the way. The electric guns are in every way (playing wise) better than the Mechs. Also if you ' re just getting into the game get good " everything else " first.
He’s doing everything he can to leave his grandchildren an unlivable world but by God he has a basement full of guns that he can rely on when the revolution begins. We had to stop having him babysit our kids when they were little because he refused to not stage loaded guns in various places all over his house.
Published: 2017-08-04 22:19:26 +0000 Categories: Javascript , Language Javascript Description Simple Javascript function to place a xmlhttp request (supporting a range of browsers) and trigger a callback function once the request has been satisfied This is one of the functions I often find myself looking at older projects to find rather than re-writing it. Yes you can do the same with jQuery, but that's only really a valid route if you're already loading jQuery.
The Guardian - Back to home News Opinion Sport Culture Lifestyle World Europe US Americas Asia Australia Middle East Africa Inequality Global development Africa 10 November 2023 Floods hit Somalia after worst drought in four decades – video report Minister robbed and bodyguards’ guns stolen in South Africa Tyres of Sindisiwe Chikunga’s car punctured by spikes on highway south of Johannesburg, say police Published: 2:38 PM Minister robbed and bodyguards’ guns stolen in...
According to British sources, Iraq has 3600 tanks in the Kuwait theater compared to 1600 that the anti-Iraqi forces will have by mid- November. Iraq has 2300 heavy guns compared to 750 for its opponents. Iraqi infantry units have been digging in and building fortifications, similar to those used during the Iran-Iraq war, all along the Kuwait-Saudi Arabia border.
These are some of the things I like and I am an advocate for: Family, Intelligent Design/GOD, Linux, Privacy, " PHD " (proper human diet) and over-all good health, swimming, football(european style), freedom, natural (GOD given) rights, creativity/art(oil painting is my passion)/writing, and last but not least, guns. These are a few of the things I despise: Invasion of privacy, C-19 hoax, Mandates/ Executive orders, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Klaus Schwab, Processed food, centralized...
At some points, we were maybe 10 meters away from them, and I saw police officers directing their teargas guns at us. I saw two hit: one in the head and one in the shoulder.” According to doctors’ groups , 13 were transferred to hospitals with wounds from direct hits from teargas canisters.
The single shot record was 419. https://www.fieldandstream.com/guns/punt-gun-history/ 2 days ago | 2 0 coothlesscthulhu You betcha 3 days ago | 4 0 DukeDarkwood Nah, more like this: 3 days ago | 3 0 TheCrankyCow Idk the battleship can fire nukes... 2 days ago | 2 0 MizWeirdo Found the American!
Brett Wilkins July 9, 2017 World Trump aide: ‘ Immorality, ’ not guns, to blame for Chicago crime “Crime and killings in Chicago have reached such epidemic proportions that I am sending in Federal help,” Trump tweeted on Friday morning.
Finland is also scheduled to approve the dispatch of a consignment of bullet-proof vests, helmets and a mobile hospital to Ukraine. Helsinki has also approved the shipment of around 40 artillery guns to Ukraine. Read more about: Ukraine , Finland , Europe , Airlines Read more security talks Ukraine Seeks Urgent Russia-OSCE Meeting Over Troop Buildup The request comes after Russia failed to respond to Kyiv’s request for detailed explanations on its military activities near Ukrainian...