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Always forgive, but never forget! Learn from your mistakes, but never regret! 1 Mamadou On GameDev retweeted Sergey🎮 @sergeyiwanski Feb 4 #UE4 #UE5 #Blueprint #Cpp #programming #coding #gamedev #meme #screenshotsaturday 4 13 102 Show this thread Mamadou On GameDev retweeted mcbess @mcbess Feb 4 double bass drum pedal 130 6,902 96 52,702 511,288 Mamadou On GameDev retweeted Roman Semenov 🇺🇦 🌪️ @semenov_roman_ Feb 3 The new jailbreak is so...
A free pixel art editor for game development. Article (pixieditor.net) submitted 19 hours ago by flabbet to gamedev ▶ 88 comments save 96 no image Advice for new gamedev, how do I " start small " ? Question (teddit.i2p/r/gamedev) submitted 17 hours ago by hornetDC to gamedev Hi, I have a programming background and I was tinkering with Godot 4 for a couple months, enought to be able to actually " do stuff " .
In my blog videojuegosunityjr.blogspot.… #gamedev #unity #blog #free Enable hls playback 2 681 z, retweeted MortMort 🍞 @MortMort_ 19h Buttons #pixelart #gamedev Enable hls playback 1 61 749 10,441 Jack retweeted Hervé Gengler @HerveGengler 6m Hi!
#indiedev #gamedevelopment #gamedev 1 10 9 67 A_Real_Human_Named_Ash ✪ retweeted DaRevieweD | 📺 💻 📱 @DeadeGuard98 1h New profile pic, waddup!? #gamedev #gamer So, now you know for sure that my pinned tweet is actually me.
Alfie (@ArtByAlfred): " It really do be like that #gamedev " | ~vern nitterIt really do be like that #gamedev ~vern nitter Alfie @ArtByAlfred 3 Nov 2022 It really do be like that #gamedev Enable hls playback Nov 3, 2022 · 1:05 PM UTC · Twitter Web App 40 1,308 187 4,700 69,406 Marlön @Eon1One 25 Nov 2022 Replying to @ArtByAlfred Your Mind's gonna melt when you learn about Tech-Artists. 1 25 Alfie @ArtByAlfred 25 Nov 2022 Haha well I'm a vfx artist so I...
All hosts - Registry home add jump latest alive all All domains Domain AH B32 Full Base32 Last seen (UTC) game-gully.i2p A B wr4mcap32weeay6xdzzw5kopgl3y6jsrghdgsm3hqnti5h2lyfyq Never game.i2p A B zh2qyqgeuzj5llclb2h6bpwpl6hnk5gbkiqtvpwuyh7s72vn6wva 2021-04-22 09:44:45 gamedev-blog.i2p A B fdxgivqgwkuedxusw5ewyrrm3dxjwghr7oa2pato7ugilmdhmluq 2020-06-20 22:55:46 gameplayer.i2p A B rhzivpf6uugn4mdw33vp5qzmmvjdpc4wsk7jlhigzqoijkpvec6q 2022-12-16 09:05:39 games.i2p A B...
Do you want to get into #gamedev with Nim? Check out this new video series showing you how to get started with Nim and SDL2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x76fT8GG0Pk Twitscher - finally back!
#IndieGameDev #gamedev #indiegame SUGAMENIA @sugamenia 12h Welcome #indiedev and #metroidvania lovers! SUGAMENIA DEMO IS OUT NOW!!! 🌐 gchuso.itch.io/sugamenia Play in Web browser!
Ryo's videos Ryo's Eigakan: Video 寮映画館 /home | /opt/donate | /opt/rss | /opt/irc ( AH ) | /etc/sns I2P: /bin/blog.i2p ( AH ) | /bin/pol.i2p ( AH ) Tor: /bin/blog.tor | /bin/pol.tor Indian Tech Support Scammer vs S.H.I.E.L.D. OS (Waifu Edition) 2022/07/30 Parasite eve - This is WAR 2022/05/03 Team America World Police - Everyone Has AIDS 2022/04/11 バーダックの戦闘 2022/04/11 Magic government map changes colors, and loses cover logo on the fly!?
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