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Unless they sell B2B There will be more competition for chat-based models than people think + many people have specific use cases in mind and will use those for more accuracy & lower price 7 1 54 Jeff Burke ⠕ @Jeff_Burke14 18 Oct 2022 Over the years, I have tried to learn to code many times.
F-J-W 3 points 6 years ago F-J-W 3 points 6 years ago As someone who used to post a lot on /r/cpp which also has several notes about it, I can say that people ignore a lot of things. If these posts are a problem, the solution of /r/java is probably the best you can get. It ' s sad, but people don ' t read before posting. rubdos 4 points 6 years ago rubdos 4 points 6 years ago Sooooo, you planning to sell t-shirts that say this?
If your website appears normal on the clearnet (regular internet) but appears ‘funny’ or like it’s ‘missing’ features on Tor or I2P, there is an easy explanation for it: Your website isn’t optimized for accessibility from these networks.
The RL algorithm has managed to exploit the classifier by moving the robot arm in a peculiar way, since the classifier was not trained on this specific kind of negative examples. " " " ,https://bair.berkeley.edu/static/blog/end_to_end/pr2_classifier.gif, " Singh, 2019 " , " End-to-End Deep Reinforcement Learning without Reward Engineering " ,https://bair.berkeley.edu/blog/2019/05/28/end-to-end/#problem-with-classifiers,Jan Leike, Go pass,A reimplementation of AlphaGo learns to pass forever if passing is an...
Home Posts Comics Upload User Wall 951249 Advanced Collect Alts Tombstone Since last Day Week Month Year None Order: Descending Ascending Random Score Mimes: application x-shockwave-flash image jpeg png gif apng video webm mp4 x-matroska x-msvideo quicktime x-flv x-m4v + rating:safe 951277 + meta:hi res 1311340 + medium:high resolution 2576471 + anthropomorphism 2994267 + species:mammal 3117264 + clothing 1800225 + solo 2103092 + gender:female 2546031 + gender:male 2327780 + hair 1592144 + fur 1508534 +...
Groups of disabilities Disabilities can be categorized into five groups: Auditory People with hearing loss. Remember transcripts for audio and captions for video. Cognitive, learning and neurological People that may have challenges understanding information.
But this time the based people can have a voice, and I urge you to use it. The letter in support for RMS has so far better reception among non-delusional people, and that's what matters.
. * < p > * * @author Sasa Markovic */ @SuppressWarnings ( " deprecation " ) public class FetchData { // anything funny will do private static final String RPN_SOURCE_NAME = " WHERE THE SPEECHLES UNITE IN A SILENT ACCORD " ; private FetchRequest request ; private String [ ] dsNames ; private long [ ] timestamps ; private double [ ] [ ] values ; private Archive matchingArchive ; private long arcStep ; private long arcEndTime ; FetchData ( Archive matchingArchive , FetchRequest request )...
But basically everybody has to promote his cause here, because the net has to grow before it runs by itself, until a sufficient number of participants with the preference for techno and the other genres and the corresponding background knowledge will search for it by themselves. The most precious thing people have here is their time, and if you want their attention, you have to come up with something original. But a magnet URL is not one of them, then that is technical stuff for many...
Both images are hilariously mid in their editing, but also manage to contain the laughably edgy phrases "Encourage suicidal people", "Cause misery", "Make people cry", "Destroy the world", "Kill humanity", "Crush morale", "Cause deaths", and "Be the difference".
Where the very idea of child abuse is used as a tool for people to lead a crusade against all who appose them. And so I ask you, are you better than this? Maybe you are, there is probably a decent number of people who truly believe children can’t consent.
This lets the people who were only aware of the wiki site talk to people who were only aware of the OpenDHT service without knowing anything about each other.
We listened to the experiences of activists who are unable to travel due to lack of status, documentation and active conflict. For these people “the internet is the only passport (they) carry.” Human rights defenders spoke of the importance of digital training to keep people protected when they are communicating with family inside of the country, as well as with family and friends who have left.
If you want to use that illegally, great, but don't expect regular people to help you tobitobitobitobi It's regular people, who suffer from governments' wars on drugs, just to make that clear. Its tobitobitobitobi's comment that got me thinking, where is the line between "illegal" and acceptable behavior online?
EFF's mission is to ensure that technology supports freedom, justice, and innovation for all people of the world. EFF's mission is to ensure that technology supports freedom, justice, and innovation for all people of the world. Even in the fledgling days of the Internet, EFF understood that protecting access to technology was central to advancing freedom for all.
Mathematics Natural Sciences Understand natural phenomena through empirical evidence, observations, and experiments. Natural science People Learn about collective entities, ethnic groups, and nations. People Philosophy Dive deep into fundamental questions about existence, knowledge, values, and more.
Despite such a low bar standard of 15 years old I have had zero people come to me for hosting such content. I have thought of updating the user policy to have a rule against people with intentionally bad OPSEC such as pictures of their body and face alongside any illegal behaviour.
This includes the large influx of people which came from Twitter when Musk took over and started implementing transphobic policies and hiding trans people ' s tweets while allowing transphobic tweets and slurs to proliferate.
Its main purpose is preserving information about minor attraction, defining map terminology and describing relevant figures and events. < br > Social media have been notorious for deleting and erasing knowledge collected by map activists, so it’s time to put what we learned somewhere more permanent, for it to be accessed by new people in the community. There are only a few pages here now - [[Special:AllPages|view the full page list here]] - but we welcome new contributors. < br > Social...
In terms of their appearance, dream characters can show themselves as literally anything but will usually display themselves as perfectly ordinary people. These people are equally likely to be complete strangers or randomly selected people which the dreamer has encountered throughout their life.