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Have you ever wonder why 6 routers are the degree of separations between two people on i2p? The answer lies in the number theories of the 1700 hundreds but for entertainment purposes here are some funny examples: Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon has the links you need to get it!
Human Rights Watch has documented how older people are struggling to access emergency services during extreme weather events linked to climate change, despite a rising death toll of older people from heat .
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We might call it a kind of, well, “blackwashing,” making something that was heinous seem somehow palatable by retroactively injecting diversity into it. Besides, you don’t actually need to “write nonwhite people into the story.” As historians have pointed out, there were plenty of nonwhite people around at the time, people who already had fully-developed stories and identities.
si=H2Jf7cvnfYvhNAtO Edit to add: Looking at some of the comments I think I need to point out that this video is satire. Brent Terhune is a comedian that pokes fun at maga people. 15 u/DollarTreeMilkSteak 6d ago I’ve never seen this before lol. That was funny 13 u/Purple_Bumblebee6 6d ago edited 6d ago I ' m not usually one to laugh at someone else ' s misery, but holeee sheeit!
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Anonymous 14 minutes ago No. 11635853 > > 11635811 lurk moar Iranon 22 minutes ago No. 11635830 > > 11635823 le funny psychology experiment . Also it is an interesting image. https://www.simplypsychology.org/ha rlow-monkey.html im confused on how 4chan works Anonymous 3 hours ago No. 11635579 it is like this website only exists so people can project all their meanest shitty one liners in meme form and for some reason it is okay for people to post pictures...
I’m also stoked to be a part of a growing group of open-source applications that all help and build off of each other. People like Foundation Devices (thanks for the tor stuff), Cake Wallet (thanks for working with us on the Monero stuff), Serai (thanks for the Frost stuff), Peercoin (thanks for coinlib and taproot and making a new Dart package to replace the ancient Bitcoin ones there), Firo (for trusting us with being the first mobile Spark wallet), and so many more.
For example, people rate salespeople as less knowledgeable and convincing if they have an accent, and some research indicates that they are less likely to recommend someone for hiring or promotion if the person has a foreign accent.
He uses his wealth and influence to control the supply of meat and vegetables, making it difficult for people to access these essential food sources. The common people are left with no choice but to scavenge for insects just to survive. The situation becomes dire as more and more people become malnourished and sick due to their limited diet.
Capitol, Facebook reiterated in a Jan. 11 blog post that it was “not recommending civic groups for people to join.” Citizen Browser Lawmaker Questions Facebook on Broken Election-Related Promise Following an investigation by The Markup, Sen.
This website was created because nowadays you can be arrested for posting pictures with words on them, apparently. This website aims to allow people to share their funny memes without fear of losing their jobs or going to prison because of some joke they made on the internet. It is meant to be a tool for free speech.
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I saw your post earlier in the month, but did not reply, for I did not have a forum account Listened to the song "Wolkenboot", and thought it was nice. . I like to see people bring arts to the darknet Thanks, mate! Check out the new song "Déjà-vu", it is freshly released and of course free for all the fine people on the darknet.
itsjustme oh itsjustme I'm watching IT crowed bloopers parabo I don't like that show itsjustme Its pretty funny parabo IT is pretty funny? parabo :P itsjustme yes :D parabo I believe that women have the right, to walk the street at night, without being afraid for their lives.
IDs for undocumented people Some US states offer ID cards for undocumented people, such as the Californian AB 60 driver’s license and a similar program in New York.
Jump to content Lavender Communities Create Post Support Lemmy Search Login Sign Up @[email protected] I hate Nazis I hate Islamists I hate Anti-Democratic People in general I hate anime haters (like seriously why even) I hate Antisemitism I hate neo Leftists I hate Terrorists I hate dog shit on my sidewalk I hate big Cars without necessity I hate people that tolerate any of the above 1 Post 20 Comments Joined 13 days ago Cake day: June 21st, 2024 You are not...
Regardless, using words that requires a subjective opinion creates an uncertainty in the rules And what is even more annoying, when people say "If you don't know, then don't do it.". This stifles creative and fun ideas, and creates a vacuum in where people want to have that idea manifest, and the service is becomes a massive cock about it.
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January 13, 2021 Nick Martin Republicans Rethink “Law and Order” Once They Become Its Target Much of Congress thinks rules are for other people. March 25, 2019 Sarah Posner Right Makes Might Long before Trump came on the scene, key congressional Republicans had been sidling up to nativist and authoritarian leaders across the globe.