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If you upgraded from a default I2P install to I2P+ or you are running default I2P, you will need to configure the I2P HTTP Proxy tunnel via the Tunnel Manager (aka Hidden Services Manager) to use purokishi.i2p in both the Outproxies and SSL Outproxies sections (replace false.i2p). If using i2pd, replace http://false.i2p in your i2pd.conf file with http://purokishi.i2p and enable if necessary. Note: Do NOT specify outproxy.purokishi.i2p as the outproxy; this is the landing...
Quote Post by fuck_ccp » 18 Sep 2022 10:38 可以自己搭一个出口代理; 方法是: 1.在vps上安装i2pd, 2.配置vps的i2pd加入路由器族. 3.用tinyproxy配置vps本地代理. 4.配置i2pd的上游代理为tinyproxy的本地代理。 5.创建i2pd 的服务隧道站点(需配置b32地址) 6.在自己电脑上安装的i2p默认的false.i2p的出口代理用vps上站点的b32的地址替换掉,并把vps 的i2p路由器族加入到本地i2p中。 等待一段时间后,配置浏览器代理为127.0.0.1:4444,即可实现翻墙。 具体的步骤,有时间的话,我会开个教程贴。 另附几个可用的出口代理节点: exit.stormycloud.i2p outproxy-tor.meeh.i2p outproxy.bandura.i2p outproxy.purokishi.i2p Top Bulge6608 Posts: 6 Joined: 05 Nov 2022 17:22 Re: 有中国区的小伙伴吗?
“things to do with Mon, 19 Apr 2021 | Citations | faq – I2P Bugtracker http://i43xzkihpdq34f2jlmtgiyyay5quafg5rebog7tk7xil2c6kbyoa.b32.i2p/wiki/faq internet (false.i2p), so the only traffic a default I2P installation will route will be for other I2P routers (nodes) within the network, encrypted and anonymous by design.
Das macht Ihr unter Einstellungen -> I2PTunnel dann unter "I2P-Klienten-Tunnel" klick auf "I2P HTTP Proxy" und ä ndert false.i2p in z.B. http://vdsl5eokzsrbcuyqo2mqcxqkrnh6hgt3jxhqv7pfmgguzgp3pcjq.b32.i2p/ das wäre dann der von tutorials.i2p. nach oben CONTACT ME Document last edited: Maerz 2015.
20:12:20 < sadie_ > it is not a high priority in the immediate future, as per roadmap. 20:12:40 < eyedeekay > Meeh has actually improved outproxy performance noticably of late for the general-use, default outproxy at false.i2p 20:13:11 < zzz > anything else on 2) ? 20:14:04 < zzz > 3) 0.9.45 development status (zzz) 20:14:15 < zzz > development is going well 20:14:32 < zzz > we have 17K lines of diff so far, including a big update to the dark themes 20:14:38 < zzz > some fixes for hidden...
This feature came later, through the use of outproxy services, however the default I2P outproxy (false.i2p) that comes pre-configured with stock I2P is painfully slow. That is why we sponsor the fastest available I2P outproxy available, the official outproxy of I2P+, purokishi.i2p.
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