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DOx - PsychonautWikiSubstituted dimethoxyamphetamines (also known as DOx) refers to a class of psychedelic amphetamines originally synthesized and documented by Alexander Shulgin in his investigation of psychoactive phenethylamines in the 1970s.
.\ If the world was filled with chads, these types of " laws " would have served as a wake up call, an opportunity to nuke every single online account that requires a dox, and explore the superior alternatives.\ But unfortunately, we don ' t live in a world of chads, we live in a world of pussies, or comfortists to keep it a bit more politically correct. ## So what counts as a dox?
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Terms of service | Project Segfault Project Segfault Project Segfault Instances Donate Pubnix Contact Team Wiki Blog Status Legal Matrix GitHub Terms of service Do not use our services to (D)DOS or attempt to disrupt someone else’s online stability. Do not use our services to dox someone. Do not do anything on our services that would be illegal in France, the USA, Luxembourg, and India. Do not harass people using our services.
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Then I tried to post, and my euphoria was dashed against the rocks, when I discovered that they block Torposters via DNSBL. I will never dox my IP. Aniki 05/30/22 (Mon) 00:XX:XX No. 602 File: 887e05d5395401e17a9c4b223aecf6d2.jpg (276.73 KB, 1024x626) So then, what's good?
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It’s already a misdemeanor to dox reproductive health care workers or patients in California, but legislators there are now considering a bill that would increase penalties.
But my moral beliefs require obedience to the law when the law is not fundamentally unjust.) Comment Re: DOX the posers! (Score 1) 319 by pruss on Tuesday October 04, 2022 @08:35AM ( #62936727 ) Attached to: NYU Organic Chemistry Professor Terminated For Tough Grading It surely depends on the individual.
Shoemugscale 6 points 9 months ago Shoemugscale 6 points 9 months ago I wont go into detail (don ' t want to dox myself) but yes.. I started this side Hussle / sass offering about 10 years ago.. It started when my wife, presented me with a problem that she was facing at her job.
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I would have loved to see her acting still. 2 COMMENT 5d ago This is why you have to be careful what you say to people. It just takes one un/employed trans person to dox. Trans people are everywhere. They have trans doctors, lawyers, personal trainers, politicians, programmers, and more. I could write a doctor Seuss book about the different professions that trans people come in.
I delete posts containing contact information, whether it's meant to dox or it's discretely meant to cause someone else's email/phone/whatever to blow up, or worse yet, causing someone to show up at their door.
I ' d like to share a quote with you from a person belonging to a minority group (not going to specify which because I don ' t want to dox them): However, writing a main character in any media who is [an identity term], if you are not [an identity term] (and especially if you are not [a broader, more general identity category] at all) is ultimately appropriating and profiting off of representing an experience that is not yours.
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