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Main page Posts Tech status Comment system Tags blog dev Comment system considerations I'm considering creating a captcha-guarded comment system similar to those found on various darknet chans. I already have a design/specification for it. I'd be created as a microservice written in Rust & powered by actix and sea-orm .
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Tor and I2P You can use the following hostnames to connect over a darknet: Darknet Port Hostname Tor 5222 qwikoouqore6hxczat3gwbe2ixjpllh3yuhaecixyenprbn6r54mglqd.onion I2P 5222 a4rmtevnz6mgfdt7jxwuejcuztlhdaavr3wjlat2twhsgfkboxpa.b32.i2p
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. * The front end to the clearnet is at provider A * The front end to the darknet is at provider B * And the origin servers are at provider C ... no way in except through VPN from one of the front end sites My objective is to keep the location of the origin servers both concealed and protected.
So I had to become creative in finding ways of gaining access to the internet, even when the timer already expired. Thus I was learning about hacking, darknet and network security at a very early age. Managing servers and email services and developing new web projects is what I thrive on.