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They attached the wireless leg-control module and lithium polymer battery to the top of the insect on the thorax using a specially designed backpack, which was modeled after the body of a model cockroach. The backpack was 3D printed with an elastic polymer and conformed perfectly to the curved surface of the cockroach, allowing the rigid electronic device to be stably mounted on the thorax for more than a month.
Tikhanovskaya's husband, 41-year-old Sergei Tikhanovsky, nicknamed Lukashenko the "cockroach" and his campaign slogan was "Stop the cockroach." His supporters waved slippers — often used to kill the insects — at protests.
Certainly some cockroaches are important pests that can cause negative health effects in humans (e.g. German cockroach, American cockroach), but the vast majority… View Matt Bertone replied to a comment 2018-05-21T18:03:52Z – Should I kill spiders in my home?
During the conflict, the roaches hiss, hence where they got their name. The cockroach that wins the battle hisses more than the loser. Unlike most insects that make noise by rubbing parts of their body parts together or vibrating the membranes, the Madagascar cockroach amazingly uses their breathing holes by exhaling air, a behavior common to vertebrates.
Anonymous 08/20/22 (Sat) 21:13:27 No. 293 heh Anonymous 08/20/22 (Sat) 22:36:04 No. 296 > > 293 Hehpilt ​ 08/21/22 (Sun) 01:39:32 No. 298 File: ip7aphUBLTC7ytqg71SaK7fSH2LdDRcw.jpg (93.23 KB, 1280x720) > > 296 you ''VILL'' sacrifice gaynigger faggot trannies and content™ to this sites deity for victory you ''VILL'' become a chosen tribe you ''VILL'' become a cockroach diaspora hellbent on using chaos for enforcing free speech on rulecucks without being rulecucks you ''VILL'' put dank nemes...
Examples We even know that some species nested in ' flocks ' and cared for their young, even after hatching. Casey Luskin on Kitzmiller & Information 2010 (Even the “cockroach as socialist” argument begins to break down when you consider that it has been recently discovered that the actions of birds in flocks are predominantly individual, with the flocks themselves serving as market mechanisms that enable such groups to fly together more efficiently over long distances.)
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Rats and cockroaches seem to be the most common creatures in dangerous speech, I suppose because they are universally despised. If you can get people to regard another human as a cockroach, then they think, It’s O.K. to do to that person what you would do to a cockroach. It’s all about threat and fear. Another common hallmark of dangerous speech is called “accusation in a mirror.”
He gets close to the core issue when he contends that grammar schools are “the indestructible cockroach of Tory prejudices”, but fails to recognise that in England there are now between 70 and 90 different types of schools, and that the GCSE is crucial to brand distinction in a chaotic market for access to school places.
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