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What locations would be suitable for large production facilities? Anthony Patt: A solar reactor needs direct sunlight, with no clouds in the way. It makes sense to build them in arid environments, such as those in South Spain and North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Australia, in the southwest of the United States, in the Gobi desert of China, or in the Atacama desert of Chile.
by Mark Williams Pontin Feb 13, 2007 In the past two decades, various novel planet-cooling technologies have been proposed–improbable, monumental projects such as putting into orbit giant mirrors with thousand-kilometer diameters or clouds of trillions of wafer-thin, butterfly-light lenses. Until recently, such proposals have remained on the fringes of acceptable scientific speculation.
They attend with light ears to the music of the fountains, add their own soft melodies, and dance with quick feet to songs of their own making. They discourse on the shapes of clouds and the meanings of dreams. They emerge from buildings carrying heaping platters of savory dishes, and feast together in abundant variety.
Our canonical model comprises of 22 free parameters overall: 11 corresponding to the individual mixing ra- tios of the above chemical species, 6 for the P-T profile, 4 for the clouds / hazes and 1 for the reference pressure Pref , defined as the pressure at a fixed planetary radius of 2.61 R⊕. The Bayesian inference and parameter estimation is conducted using the MultiNest nested sam- pling algorithm (Feroz et al. 2009) implemented through PyMultiNest.
“教育局取消教師註冊 株連校長、同事教協調查:逾七成校長認為不合理、不公義,” Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union (HKPTU), November 10, 2020, https://www.hkptu.org/81579 ; HKPTU poll results: https://www.hkptu.org/content/'2020/11/20201110-annex.pdf . [50] “CESCR General Comment No. 13: The Right to Education (Art. 13),” op. cit. [51] The question was raised in a discussion organized by the Law Society of Hong Kong on July 15, 2020, and quoted in Chris Lau, “National security law: Hong Kong academics might choose self-censorship to protect...
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