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Example of Internet Relay Chat People refer to the IRC chat rooms as IRC channels, and you can find these channels on IRC servers, which can be connected to by finding that server's information.
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So when you hear that Ajito has added a block of rooms where the theme in ninkyo , which translates as “chivalrous spirit,” you might think the rooms are decorated like a the castle of a medieval knight or samurai lord.
If you are more of an " advanced " user, we recommend turning of blind trusting in your client and manually trust OMEMO fingerprints. * If you are using gajim on linux you might need to install an external package to get support for OMEMO: gajim-omemo Chat rooms (group chats) XMPP allows you to create chat rooms with multiple participants, they are called MUCs (Multi-User Chats). You can create one through most clients.
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Positioned at opposite extremes, the sword-shaped towers and austere workers' rooms will play key roles in housing supporters of the 32 nations taking part in the World Cup from November 20. Organisers say that more than one million fans will visit and that 130,000 rooms will be usable in hotels, apartments, cruise ships and desert tents.