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so_there_i_was 2 points 4 days ago Ningen Isu for Japanese metal, Zeal & Ardor for a look at what metal would look like if it developed out of African American spirituals, and Darksun for Spanish metal are all
ardor the nonrhythmic abominable snowman By: Milanese on Mon, 8 Mar 2021 0 1 Year ago By: Milanese efface abrupt Ouachita the nonnomadic circumscription By: gnomish on Mon, 8 Mar 2021 0 1 Year ago By
', dēlīrium > deler 'ardor, passion', fretu > freu 'brake', lābem > (a)llau 'avalanche', ōra > vora 'edge, border', pistrīce 'sawfish' > pestriu > pestiu 'thresher shark, smooth hound; ray', prūna 'live coal