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Yes, take me to Reddit settings Overview Comments Submitted Hot New Top Controversial → 1 COMMENT 14h ago “We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine” (lives rent free in my head, when I see someone wearing yellow, I gotta sing it!) 1 COMMENT 20h ago Humans 1 COMMENT 20h ago Pretty!
Funnily enough, the constitutional article in question has since been done away with—not by Zelaya, of course, but by the current ultra-rightist Honduran dictator Juan Orlando Hernández (JOH), whose party took power after the 2009 coup. The U.S. implicitly supported the 2009 regime change, but found it awkward to admit as much in public.
We went to the bathroom of this guy to smoke the thing so we can create a submarine, so we brought the smoking things and the dürüms to the room. It was an epic experience, even the guy who doesn 't know how to smoke got high.
Ryan (University of Sheffield) Byrne, Alex (MIT) Callanan, John (Kings College London) Cameron, Ross (University of Leeds) Caponi, Gustavo (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina) Carter, Sam (Rutgers University) Caston, Victor (University of California/Davis) Casullo, Alberto (University of Nebraska/Lincoln) Cavallin, Jens (Linn é universitetet) Caws, Peter (George Washington University) Ceva, Emanuela (Universit à de Pavia) Cochran, Molly (Oxford Brookes University) Cohen, Jonathan ...
Poet & Producer Planet Earth Joined November 2011 Tweets 8,410 Following 1,359 Followers 6,525,029 Likes 19,099 2,854 Photos and videos 2,854 Photos and videos Tweets Tweets & Replies Media Search TURKI ALALSHIKH @Turki_alalshikh 6m Enable hls playback 53 21 1 569 0 TURKI ALALSHIKH @Turki_alalshikh 3h معرض "أنا عربية" في نسخته الرابعة بمشاركة أكثر من 275 مصممة ومبدعة في عالم الأزياء والموضة 😍❤️🇸🇦 🗓️ 17 - 23 ديسمبر With 275+ creative designers, "Ana Arabiya" exhibition is the ultimate fashion event...
Juan Cruz Juan Cruz is the director of policy at Encode Justice Florida, a state chapter of a global youth-led advocacy organization fighting for human-centered artificial intelligence.
rimgo swimbikerunrepeatswimbikerunrepeatswimbiwhatwasidoing 28091 pts · November 20, 2013 Submissions Favorites Comments Greetings Fellow Traveler! In a nutshell, I ' m a US Navy submarine vet, who now spends his time between working as a safety specialist in an industrial setting, chasing my wife in triathlon races (and she ' s damn fast unfortunately), and trying to raising my now teenage son as best I can with time that I have him in.
I think he’s about to be disappointed. 12 0 342 Wal-Mart’s getting in the mood. 0 0 115 They nailed it! 3 2 243 Submarine Bong 3 1 210 Mel’s fallen on hard times. -4 1 177 Do you like gladiator movies? 56 2 2362 Next page rimgo Source Code About Privacy rimgo does not allow uploads or host any content.
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