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Also see: https://incels.wiki/w/Tradthot#Trad_Pivot_or_Epiphany_Phase > > Anonymous 2023-04-03 (Mon) 01:30:52 No. 146930 > > 146875 > anti idpol "socialists" are so strange < anti-muhspeshulopresstrace "socialists" are so strange NatSocs (the first successfull IdPolSocs) aren't Soc you retard.
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Home Podcast Articles Search About Home New Humanist Blog Human Rights & Ethics Blog By Samira Shackle , Tuesday , 11th February 2014 Anti-abortion ' counselling ' services peddling misinformation to vulnerable women Could abortion make you more likely to sexually abuse your children?
Associated MAP Groups "virpeds", short for Virtuous Pedophiles is an anti-contact heavy group that promotes an anti-contact lifestyle and standards. To be associated with them, such as joining their forums, you have to agree with anti-contact ideology.
Anti-fog From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigation Jump to search Chemicals that prevent the condensation of water as small droplets on a surface Anti-fog agents, also known as anti-fogging agents and treatments, are chemicals that prevent the condensation of water in the form of small droplets on a surface which resemble fog .
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Independent, trusted coverage of the Middle East Politics & Security Culture Technology Economy & Business Independent, trusted coverage of the Middle East Anti-Zionist Jewish group says Israel ' s Ben-Gvir has ' extreme settler attitude ' Neturei Karta is known for its staunch opposition to Israel, and the group has caught the wrath of right-wing national security minister Itamar Ben-Gvir.
"Anti-freeze for cell membranes." ScienceDaily. www.sciencedaily.com / releases / 2021 / 01 / 210125144546.htm (accessed March 12, 2024).
Home / Magazine / / About / Shop / November 16, 2016 Alan Dershowitz Takes Anti-Semitism Very Seriously Indeed Anti-Semitism should not be treated lightly. This is why Alan Dershowitz is very careful with the accusation … by Oren Nimni & Nathan J.
But this assurance could well have been given after the previous election in 2015, as the party has backed a long line of anti-immigration bills while in opposition. In 2016 The Social Democrats backed the “jewellery law” that allowed the state to strip money and other portable wealth from newly arrived refugees.
Skip Navigation The New Republic LATEST BREAKING NEWS POLITICS CLIMATE CULTURE ABOUT Magazine The New Republic LATEST BREAKING NEWS POLITICS CLIMATE CULTURE ABOUT Magazine Clio Chang / February 28, 2017 The Anti-Protest Backlash Republican lawmakers are trying to criminalize dissent. Does this herald a larger and more dangerous backlash against free speech?
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It’s too soon to say what the impact of these new anti-doxing laws will be in the U.S. or in Hong Kong, but if the fallout from laws against “fake news” are any guide, it ’ s not likely to land in favor of journalists and dissidents.
Today Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC. Citation : Reddit bans anti-vaccine community after protests over COVID misinformation (2021, September 2) retrieved 6 March 2024 from /news/2021-09-reddit-anti-vaccine-protests-covid-misinformation.html This document is subject to copyright.
Ngaïssona was a self-declared political coordinator of the anti-balakas and later held a senior post at the Confederation of African Football. Human Rights Watch interviewed Ngaïssona on video on September 3, 2014, during which he did not contest that the anti-balaka were responsible for some abuses or that he was a leader of the anti-balaka.
Since the introduction of the 2013 “ gay propaganda ” law, the Kremlin has pursued an anti-LGBT agenda through laws that have reduced LGBT visibility and encouraged the hardening of anti-LGBT sentiment in the wider population.
Currently, Militia Spotlight believes that the muqawama are more likely to threaten anti-air attacks than undertake them, with the aim of deterring or complicating coalition assistance to Iraq. This was our assessment in July, when previous anti-air threats were aired by the facade group Saraya Awliya al-Dam .
Pacific Philippines Indonesia Malaysia Thailand Bangladesh Commentary Cartoons In Focus About Search Advanced Search… Pacific Philippines Indonesia Malaysia Thailand Bangladesh Commentary Cartoons In Focus About Search Advanced Search… Bangladesh anti-graft-agency files charges in decade-old embezzlement case Ahammad Foyez 2023.06.12 Dhaka People walk outside the gates of the headquarters of the Anti-Corruption Commission in Dhaka, Jan. 31, 2023.