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I ’ ll try to keep looking up, ” Williams ’ s daughter Zelda said in a message that appeared alongside a quote from French writer and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupery. – Anarchic extra-terrestrial – Apparently alluding to his own troubles with drugs, Williams once said, “ cocaine is God ’ s way of telling you you are making too much money. ” After beginning his career as a stand-up comic, Williams rose to fame in the iconic US television sitcom “ Mork & Mindy ” , channelling his...
Wed 14 Sep 2022 14.44 BST Last modified on Mon 3 Apr 2023 14.26 BST ‘A feast of challenges that were pure anarchic bliss’ Mike Leigh. Photograph: Karl Black/Alamy Live News Mike Leigh The passing of Jean-Luc Godard leaves me pining with deep nostalgic sadness, despite my reservations – shared by many – about the director’s later eccentricities.
Consider an AfD post displayed in our dataset that complained about “climate hysteria” and led to more than 5,000 “angry” reactions on Facebook. “They [AfD] trigger anger, fear—I would say anarchic or basic emotions,” Isabelle Borucki, an interim professor at the University of Siegen who studies German political parties, told The Markup.
Secretary of Defense Robert Gates’s sensible remark that “[g]overnments deal with the United States because it's in their interest, not because they like us, not because they trust us, and not because they believe we can keep secrets,” is worth a boatload of apocalyptic prognostications on the order of Michael Cohen from Democracy Arsenal insisting that Wikileaks has “fundamentally undermined US national security and effective US diplomacy, ” or Joe Klein in Time claiming , “This entire,...
Someone like “Dennis” and his crew starting up something resembling an autonomous collective anarchic commune in the countryside certainly would not have been impossible. Although Anglo-Saxon invaders likely brought their hierarchical system with them, there were many years before they established a strong state in southern England, and centuries before Normans and Vikings would conquer much of the rest of the island.
Yet as the anthropologist Robert Lowie observed, this “unequivocal authoritarianism” operated on a strictly seasonal and temporary basis, giving way to more “anarchic” forms of organisation once the hunting season and the collective rituals that followed were complete. Scholarship does not always advance.