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tracker2.postman.i2p 3 times notbob.i2p 2channel.i2p 2 times stats.i2p i2pforum.i2p http://secure.thetinhat.i2p/ Undetermined 2 times kelvinchan.i2p Zzz.i2p identiguy A.K.A eepstatus jump.i2p postman.12p
very sleek and modern looking image board. Mostly in Russian. ) http://0pl.i2p/ ( 2Channel - I2P site appears to be a placeholder with link to clearnet Russian image board ) http://2channel.i2p
clearnet Russian image board ) http://2channel.i2p/ ( Russian Language chan board. The domain is spoofed as a joke and points to 2ch.i2p ) http://homosexualchan.i2p/ ( Kelvinchan - Yet another imageboard